TERA’s Undying update is coming next week, but no new word on game’s future

TERA’s Undying update is coming next week, but no new word on game’s future

While TERA’s players continue to forge on in the wake of En Masse Entertainment’s closure, at least everyone is going to have a good distraction come next week when the Undying update lands on September 8th.

The patch is adding the Undying Warlord to the Forbidden Arena, bringing back a tougher version of Kezzel’s Gorge dungeon, and kicking off a couple of fun events. Patch notes are available for anyone who wants to get into all of the specifics of Patch v98.

The last official word that we got on the MMO’s future operations dates back to August 18th, when the team tweeted, “En Masse is closing, but TERA lives on! We will continue to support TERA PC NA and TERA console until service is transferred. Stay tuned for more information.”

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I can’t help but think this title makes it sound like the game might be shutting down for good, when we’ve already received confirmation that it won’t. No word on future specifics would probably be a little less alarming but that’s just me.

Matthäus Wey

If I remember correctly, they only closed the publishing branch for NA, which is independent of the development team in Korea. So one can assume that it will continue normally, apart from a few delays.