Star Wars The Old Republic finally adds Steam achievements with today’s patch

When Star Wars The Old Republic surprise-launched on Steam back in July, it came with a few caveats – namely, that achievements weren’t ready yet. But as of today’s 6.1.3 update, they’re in, and they’re even retroactive:

“Steam Achievements are now live! After previewing achievements on Steam for about a month, players will retroactively unlock all achievements they have already earned upon logging in. All Steam achievements are copies of existing in-game achievements, and there are currently 191 achievements on Steam for players to unlock!”

The patch is pretty small, all things considered, but there’s a little bit more here: Uprising bosses now have better rewards “comparable to rewards playaers receive from Flashpoints,” plus BioWare has moved along the rewards for ranked PvP. Starting September 15th, players can expect a fun event: a whole month double experience, valor, and renown event.

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