World of Warcraft raises a mug to Brewfest 2020

A proud, shamanistic tradition.

October, as we all well know, is home to one of the greatest MMO holidays of all time. No, not that silly one with bats and witches; the one with hearty ALE and lowered INHIBITIONS. We’re talking Brewfest, baby.

World of Warcraft’s ode to Oktoberfest has arrived in the game world, giving players a couple of weeks of beer-soaked activities before the taps run dry. During Brewfest, players can compete against others in a chowdown, fight against invaders tap kegs, and complete daily quests.

As Wowhead noted, there’s little new for the 2020 iteration, although the holiday did see a big update last year. That site is hosting a very helpful guide to the event so that you can get all of the rewards you want before it goes away on October 6th.

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