TitanReach patches in combat stances and a map as its crowdfunding continues

Remember when the worst thing this game did was nonsense about avoiding auction houses?

The earliest chunk of money in any Kickstarter is always the hardest. (Trust us, we know.) Titan Reach, which you may recall is promising a modern take on an old-school MMORPG, has passed just over the $80,000 mark on a total ask around $430,000 (we’re converting here from Australian dollars, so the numbers are more even there). To coincide with that, the game’s Kickstarter alpha has gotten an update that adds in combat stances for players along with an in-game map to make it easier to figure out where you are and where you’re going.

The patch also adds spearfishing (that’s fishing with spears, not fishing for spears) and a variety of new potions improving stats and abilities. There have also been bug fixes along the way, even though the current alpha is primarily a proof of concept and demo, complete with a video just below by one of the community members playing the game. There are still 24 days left in the campaign, so it still definitely has time to finish making its funding goal.

Source: Kickstarter
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