Crowfall hosts a week-long series of sieges to stress test the game and improve performance


The devs of Crowfall are trying their best to squeeze out as much performance from the game as possible, but to do that, they need data. That’s where a week of Dregs campaign sieges comes into play.

Starting between now and Friday, October 16th, ArtCraft will be working with the Unity engine team to record information and focus on targets to improve Crowfall’s performance, and they need as many live players as possible to take part in several specific fort and keep sieges. As an incentive, those who have played for at least six hours in total on the Live server between now and Sunday, October 18th, will get a unique Hero’s Tankard item that grants a 2% damage bonus when equipped.

“By maximizing player population in targeted Dregs siege events on LIVE, with real players, we can get the best data possible,” notes the announcement. “Pushing performance to the breaking point in-game will make the game better for all of us who love competitive PvP!”

source: Kickstarter
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