Stardew Valley developer previews split-screen co-op and working chairs


We all know that chairs can be a pretty big deal, so consider this your important alert regarding Stardew Valley and its still-developing 1.5 update, which has had a couple of new teases from Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone on Twitter.

The first from earlier in September offers a look at what seems to be a new location, which features some trees growing in the shallows, a couple of ducks in the water, and two players, one of whom is sitting on a chair outside, which seems to confirm not just chairs that work like chairs but also outdoor furnishings.

The second preview posted this past Friday outright announces that the game will be getting split-screen co-op play in update 1.5, with a follow-up reply confirming that the feature will be on PC and console, though the number of players that can share a screen will be different per platform; PC players will be able to have four players at once, while some consoles will only have two. That same preview image also has some other intriguing tidbits like some more new outdoor items, what appears to be an insect on one of the crops, and what appears to be a new monster in the mines.

These reveals layer on top of other features that Barone has been previewing, including banana plants and a “significant new piece of endgame content” as well. What’s not previewed, however, is a release window, so eager farmers will just have to wait and see.

source: Twitter (1, 2)

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