Genshin Impact brings new stories, characters, and a city reputation system on November 11


Genshin Impact is bringing some new things for players to chase after with its update 1.1, which is set to arrive on Wednesday, November 11th, such as some new story content, more characters to pray to the Gods of Gatcha for, and a new city reputation system among other things.

In terms of story content, players can look forward to the grand finale of the Liyue region quest line along with other new quests, while the update will bring four new characters including two five-stars: the Hydro-aspected archer Childe that can switch between ranged and melee combat modes, and the Geo polearm user Zhongli, with strong defense and the ability to petrify enemies. The other two characters, Xinyan and Diona, are four-star characters.

Update 1.1 will also introduce city reputations for players to chase, with growing reputations rewarding region-exclusive items and customizations, and several handy tools like a a portable waypoint, portable stove, treasure compass, and oculus resonance stones.

Finally, the update will introduce Genshin Impact’s first seasonal event known as Unreconciled Stars, which calls on all players to fight back against “a sudden and terrible catastrophe facing Teyvat.” The event runs for two weeks and challenges players to take on a series of new quests and some new co-op challenges to earn rewards like the 4-star character Fischl. It’s all coming with 1.1 on 11/11. That’s a lot of ones!

Speaking of lots of numbers, Genshin Impact has earned nine figures’ worth of profit — $245M to be exact — in its first month on mobile, falling just short of Pokemon Go’s $283M launch but outpacing juggernauts like Lineage 2 Revolution and Lineage M.

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I read a good article about this game on Wired:

My takeaway was that it’s a fun game with seriously addictive gacha components that are costing some players thousands of dollars.

Kickstarter Donor

I avoided this for a time, for as much as I love anime (And I DO love anime) this game screamed potential wallet leech of a game. However although it has some issues in that respect it also turns out to be annoyingly fun and well designed. Pleasant surprise to say the least.

Malcolm Swoboda

Its actually the little things that bother me, like not providing all of Liyue’s main story upfront instead of a month later (next week), or messing up the brother/sister references in dialogue (hoping next patch addresses this too). And a lot of UI stuff pops on the screen very quickly, with not nearly enough time to read it.

Anthony Clark

Wish this game didn’t require kernal access. That screams spyware to me.

Also stops it from being installable on a VM.


David Goodman

Brozime (he usually does Warframe content) did a video on Genshin Impact that I think really summed it up for me quite well.

The problem with GI’s monetization model is that it discourages you from actively spending money on it.

Let me try to summarize: As you progress, you level up the world, which makes enemies and rewards stronger. The higher your world level, the higher level your characters need to be in order to actually…. play them. A low level character is simply nonviable after a certain point.

I don’t know about the rest of you who play, but i’ve spent every XP book I have and continue to get on leveling my current party, which I am enjoying.

So what happens when they release a new banner with a new hero?

I ignore it. Because if I get that hero, it will be level 1, and that will be worthless to me. I can’t level it up because I spent all my books on my ‘primary’ party.

I could farm books, but that takes resin; resin regenerates too slowly, but even pretending that i had infinite money to purchase refills, there’s a limit on how often you can even do that. This is a problem that you simply are not given an option to buy your way past, and it will take a significant amount of time exclusively grinding these XP books that you’re NOT spending doing anything else. The cost to restore resin is also… bad. It’s a limited option, and it’s bad value.

So when the new content releases, I am going to do the content and continue to play my current party and ignore the banners. The game discourages me from rolling for new heroes that I can’t meaningfully use, unless I want to devote months towards leveling them up (because i’m NOT going to spend gems on restoring resin.)

Malcolm Swoboda

Despite the whale bait, they don’t actually want every player to pay lots of money up front. Character/etc progression is there to keep you active enough for the time you *eventually* potentially whale up.

It also won’t be months to level them up. Almost every gacha provides faster progression later on, whether its in the first few months or sometime in the first year. This is paced out to a science – just sometimes not a successful one, being much more precarious than other monetization approaches.

Malcolm Swoboda

Crossing fingers for Zhongli, but otherwise I just want the damn story setup there to get done with… AS IT SHOULD HAVE AT LAUNCH.

And boo, I already got my anemoculi ;)

Kickstarter Donor
Richard de Leon III

I really wish this didnt get as much exposure as it is getting now. Although I cant say gacha mechanics dont already exist in mmo space, Genshin succeeding in both the PC and console markets is worrysome. The last thing we need in those 2 markets is mobile-style monetization :(.

Ruby Lancer

A bit late there. 2K and EA both have been pushing those forms of monetization onto people for the past few years as it is.


Get your wallets out for your waifus pay piggies

Malcolm Swoboda

Husbandos, thanks


Don’t forgot more GACHA

Kevin Smith

Really curious about the rep system. I just really hope they don’t try and loop it into the 4 dailies we already have. I finish those in under 10 mins as is. Add something you can grind on by killing enemies over a long period of time for when you don’t have quest to do.

I have hit the wall where all I have each day is burn through my resin which depending on the activity of the day can take 15 mins or little more than 45 mins. I finished the battlepass today so I don’t even have that one to look forward to now.

Really hoping that they look and see that they need to add more xp or 10 or more ranks to the battlepass, and make the reps on the new system take longer to get to max than the battlepass did. I just did the dailies and weekly and finished with 8 days left till reset. It needs to be able to run till a day or two from reset if all you do is the dailies and weekly. I know I will get flamed for saying that but sometimes it is nice to have that carrot to chase and having it end way before the reset is a bit much.

Overall I really don’t see me worrying about any new characters at this point. I will get them sometime in the future and they will just sit in the back of the roster. It takes way to much resin to raise a new character up to play with. I am AR 42 with four maxed character for this rank.

I have also yet to figure out why anyone needed the new transport item as you can port to within a min or two of anywhere on the map. Maybe people didn’t realize you can transport to domains and not just the waypoints. I don’t know.

Also a tip for anyone sprinting everywhere just stop. You are wasting half your energy doing that. Use the dodge which on PC is the right mouse button. You go twice as far and twice as fast. You can chain click it.

Malcolm Swoboda

Rep is from: completing the one-time zone related quests, completing one-time zone exploration, weekly quests (less story tied than those occasional deeper commissions, but still NPC related and with probably higher requirements), and daily bounty quests (no story, just kill).

Different rep for each region. First few ranks are probably easy, next few might be possible through all one-time content, but last ranks may bring in weeks-to-months of grind. Mondstadt is probably easier than Liyue, as with all things. No primogems seem to be tied to this system, but it appears to give more game-centric rewards instead, until you abandon it except when bored, because you’ve maxed the rep.

Finished the battlepass too and hit WL4/WL38 and that means this week I can wrap up bigger quests, explore niches of map as I like, and focus on getting somewhere in abyss. But man… battle pass isn’t exactly supposed to be hard. Its a purchased set of rewards that just isn’t exactly as expensive as otherwise because you’re also ‘paying’ the devs with your likely continued daily+ play for a while. It isn’t and shouldn’t be the real thing. Even other games with battle passes don’t have it the main thing, its just the marketed thing. At most, sure, they can add a repeated small reward, but players shouldn’t have the pressure to start working on the pass on the first day and struggle to complete it on the last. No thank you.

Waypoints aren’t for much right now, but people can use them for daily gathering spots (there’s intentionally designed areas with lots of deposits, after all), or to get quicker to certain major enemy spawn locations. This isn’t a lot of use right now, but I imagine in the future, say new players might be best to get that unlock from Mondstadt (despite its lower/lesser rewards) before focusing on Inazuma, because maybe Inazuma is designed with many areas with interesting points of interest that aren’t close to a teleport. Its a contrived design but marginally useful, and potentially upgradable (multiple spots?) as future zones could get much larger. I mean, one is going to be a desert (Murata?). Anyway, point is that its not just about domains/teleports/statues. Maybe I don’t want to take 2+ mins wading through mobs to get to a spawn point for something. Maybe I want to get to wolfyboss asap on reset.

Agreed mostly about the sprint, but I do it sometimes when I get annoyed at tapping so much, since I’m often on controller and tapping the right bumper is taxing.