Star Wars: The Old Republic adds daily rewards and an emote window to its test build


Game Update 6.2 is looking more and more interesting for Star Wars: The Old Republic players, especially for those who appreciate a nice quality-of-life bump in their game. In addition to testing the new Mandalorian flashpoint, Spirit of Vengeance, BioWare added two fun features to the PTR this week.

Roleplayers will definitely rejoice to see the debut of the emote window: “This new window improves accessibility to emotes with new features such as grouping unlocked emotes, emote preview, an indicator as to whether an emote loops, and more.”

And then there is the daily reward calendar, there to entice players to log in at least once a day to grab free goodies. The studio said that these rewards are granted account-wide and are increased for subscribers. There’s a questionnaire up on the forums to receive feedback on what players think of this system.

Source: SWTOR. Thanks Panagiotis!

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This emote window should have been there long ago. I hate searching for emotes on that game so much. I’m glad it’s added.