Age of Conan surprises fans with a snowy defense scenario


Ho, Age of Conan! Nice to see that you are still pillaging, burning, and looting your way across the MMO landscape — and that Funcom hasn’t fully abandoned you to the ravages of time. In fact, the studio just released a new defense scenario that players can join via the group finder.

“Inspired by an assortment of classic Conan short stories and comic books, Skull Gate Pass Onslaught is set in the snowy peaks near Hyperborea, taking form as a new horde defense scenario similar to Kuthchemes Temple Onslaught,” Funcom explained.

In the scenario, players have to defend a valkyrie as she performs a ritual. To assist in this pitched battle, powerup potions and even a summonable champion can give players the upper hand. The rewards for the fight include Kuthcheman weapons with all of their gem slots unlocked.

Source: Age of Conan. Thanks DDOCentral!

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