Warframe adds new levels, weapons, enemies, and more in the Deimos: Arcana update on PC

Big shoots.

The Cambion Drift and its infested environs are expanded in Warframe’s latest update on PC. The Deimos: Arcana update adds more to the region with four new underground levels and three new Isolation Vault bounties to take on for rewards.

The infestation is expanding in other ways as well thanks to a new enemy type known as the Mytosid that (as their name suggests) split in two when shot, while Tenno will be able to wield a number of new infested weapons as well as the devastating new Bonewidow Necramech, which brings a shield, sword, and rocket launcher to the fight.

Deimos: Arcana also introduces more infested fun with some new fishing and conservation targets to chase, as well as some other gameplay updates that aren’t entirely related to gross, pulsating infestations like deluxe Gara items and new Augment Mods for Gauss, Garuda, Revenant and Wisp. More information on just what’s available in this squishy new update can be found on the game’s website, while the video embedded after the cut offers a look at the Bonewidow in action.

source: press release

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