World of Warcraft’s pre-patch Scourge event is being used to kill freshly made characters


Well, this seems rather familiar to World of Warcraft players, doesn’t it? The two week-long pre-patch event leading into Shadowlands, which sees players turning into or otherwise fighting off the zombie Scourge, has reached its perhaps wholly expected conclusion: wiping out new characters in their starting zones.

An image shared by Redditor Superab showcases their Alliance human character being slaughtered by the Scourge during the opening cutscene that greets new players in the respective starter zone. “Welcome to prepatch,” Superab writes with a grin. And while new characters that start off in Exile’s Reach are granted immunity from the effects of the Scourge event, it would appear that the vanilla starting zones offer no such protection.

This whole affair is drawing some mixed reaction from players, with some hearkening back to the annoying disaster that was the Corrupted Blood event while others finding some amusement in the shenanigans. There are still others that bemoan the event making life difficult in other areas, too. However you may feel about it, maybe be careful out there in Azeroth. Or wait it out for a bit longer.

source: Reddit via Wowhead
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