World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will launch November 23

This is not salvation.

All right, let’s give this a shot¬†one more time.¬†World of Warcraft: Shadowlands now has a release date… you know, again. On November 23rd, players will be starting their trips into the afterlife, forming relationships with Covenants, investing in Soulbinds, and possibly singing “Holiday Road” while dancing among the fields of the dead souls littering these zones. Fun is where you find it, after all.

To help pump players up for the release, the expansion pre-launch event is kicking off on November 10th, giving everyone a shot at some new rewards and a teaser of what the story will be once people step past the realm of life. There’s also a story trailer just below, and the first major raid for the expansion will kick off on December 8th. We know we’ve said this before, but you’ve got just about a month before the expansion releases. And we mean it this time, really. (The announcement is perhaps not a huge surprise, as there is an investor call later this afternoon.)

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