Black Desert announces the season server’s end date on PC, brings back Field of Valor on mobile


This new week in Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile doesn’t bring a whole lot to their respective games, but there are still some things of note for both PC and mobile players. So let’s go ahead and note those things.

For PC, the latest patch notes confirm that the fall season servers will close up with next week’s maintenance. As a way to prepare season server characters for the final stretch, there will be several free coupons revealed this coming weekend that reward various types of Black Stones and Tuvalu Ores. There’s other events in the PC version as well, such as a fish worth 500K Silver, a free Arcana of Fate box that rewards Arcana Cards for the Black Spirit Adventure mini-game, and a free bundle of goodies waiting in player mailboxes as a way of giving thanks.

As for mobile, this week’s update has once more brought back the Field of Valor instance, along with the addition of Dimensional Crystals, adjustments to family Prestige, and extension of the first Lighstone’s slate effects to a player’s family among other changes.

sources: Black Desert PC site (1, 2), Black Desert Mobile site
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