SWTOR previews the login rewards and emote window of Update 6.2


This coming Wednesday is an early Christmas — or an early Life Day — for Star Wars: The Old Republic players, thanks to the projected arrival of Update 6.2. It’s a smaller patch, sir, but it checks out. And one thing you definitely will want to check out are the new login rewards that are bundled with it.

In fact, BioWare just put out an article devoted to explaining this not-at-all complex system. You know how these kinds of things work: You log in at least once a day and get your freebie. The good news is that you can skip days without having the calendar reset on you.

The studio said that it’s created three 28-day reward calendars based around certain themes: companions, crew skills, and PvP rewards. Subscribers to SWTOR also get a weekly bonus reward for just logging in at least four times during any said week.

BioWare also gave a quick shout-out to the emote window that’s coming with the patch: “We leaned into making this new window very visual, so you can find the exact emote you are looking for at a glance! Emotes now appear in two simple categories, unlocked and locked.”

Source: SWTOR
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