Star Wars The Old Republic announces December 9 release for GU 6.2, December events, and a new CM


It’s almost time once more for Star Wars: The Old Republic players to find out just what Valkorion is up to. Again. The game’s Twitter has confirmed that Update 6.2, aka Echoes of Oblivion, will be arriving this coming Wednesday, December 9th, bringing with it a number of features including a new storyline, a new Flashpoint, login rewards, and an emote window.

The month of December overall looks to be a busy one for SWTOR thanks to a variety of returning events like the ongoing Pirate Incursion, Rakghoul Resurgence on Tatooine, Life Day, and the game’s nine year anniversary starting on December 15th, and an All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally on December 22nd.

Finally in other SWTOR news, the game has welcomed a new community manager by the name of Jackie, aka GeekyFriedRice on Twitch. The new CM has made her first official forum post recently, promising to understand, interact with, and nurture the game’s community and asking players to share some of their most sentimental moments in-game.

sources: Twitter (1, 2), official site, official forums, cheers Panagiotis and Melissa

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I’m soooo excited for this! While more Valkorian stuff wouldn’t have been my top choice for plot direction, I’m just thrilled that we’re getting new story finally.


Well, Bioware is great at SWTOR teaser/trailers and it seems that continues.

I’ve been away from SWTOR for a couple of years now, I suppose, and I’m wondering if now is the time to go back. I may drop back in to look around. Hell, I have a ton of cartel tokens.