RuneScape unleashes Raksha the Shadow Colossus of Orthen, OSRS unleashes Christmas


One game has deigned to drop a colossal boss monster. The other has unfurled its holiday plans. Which one sounds like a cozier time to you? You’ve got your choice in RuneScape and Old School RuneScape as both games have had some pretty sizeable updates today, even if they are thematically divergent. Until you picture Raksha snuggling up to a fire with a mug of cocoa in its hands.

Yes, RuneScape’s latest update has added Raksha the Shadow Colossus of Orthen, the new solo or duo boss. There are some requirements players will have to meet before fighting this new foe, like access to Anachronia, a subscription, and a recommended combat level of 120 and at least tier 80 gear. The post also provides details about rewards for those who emerge victorious, such as tier 80 boots for all combat styles, a mini-Raksha, and three new abilities, two of which are upgrades of existing ones.

Over in OSRS, the Christmas season is afoot with a quest that tasks players with teaching goblins for new festive rewards as well as rewards from previous years’ events. The latest post also points to a few changes to reworked settings, access to the Soul Wars minigame as part of Prime Gaming, and some news about the latest League including word that everyone who hasn’t yet completed the Slayer task will be getting 250 bonus League Points as a result of a bug.


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