WRUP: Motorcycle fighter prestige class edition

I ride this on the stage.

Base Requirements: Probably should be some. The presence of motorcycles is important. Let’s just say +5 BAB?
Hit Dice: Oh, yeah, those are super important, you gotta have those.
Primary Attribute: Charisma
Favorite Cookie: Macaroon
Attack Bonus: +something
Saves: Save save save, girl, you know you’ve got to save, save save save

Level 1: When you hit a motorcycle you won’t break your hand.
Level 2: Free entry to anti-motorcycle clubs
Level 3: Favored enemy: motorcycle (not the people on motorcycles)
Level 4: Protection From Motorcycle aura, Detect Motorcycles at-will ability (material component: your own eyes, in your head)
Level 5: Super Motorcycle Destroying Strike
Level 6: What Are You Playing deluxe membership
Level 7: To be honest one of our designers lost the playtest sheet so let’s just give you turn undead
Level 8: Nothing, but we put this here to screw with even level distribution.
Level 9: Your very own tricycle

Bonus question: What’s your least favorite household chore?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Oh man, I’ve been having such a blast with Pokemon Go. It’s such a bummer I can’t physically play with people coming back to the game for Community Day, but ah well, that’s COVID life. That ought to be most of the game weekend, but I’ll try to sneak in some Animal Crossing too. We just had a catalogue party for all the seasonal toys and a lot of the clothing, so I’ve slowly started to decorate for winter. Some Halloween stuff is staying though. No compromises.

Ooh, I like this one! Least favorite chore is probably taking the garbage out and bringing it in, probably since it’s my parents’ place. My place in Japan wasn’t that much better, but I could take trash and recycling out to the communal area any day of the week and it was fine. Ah, that was the sweet life.

Ben Griggs (@braxwolf): Playing: World of Warships and Elite Dangerous

Chore: dog poop

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Painting. Oh, you mean video games. In that case, City of Heroes. But yeah, mostly painting. And the one after that!

Taking out the garbage for sure. I’d pretty much rather do anything else.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I’m thinking of making my steps into the hellscape that is omnicrafting in Final Fantasy XIV, though it will be alongside a friend, so that should make it less miserable. Otherwise, little dabbles into Dauntless and Elite Dangerous as before.

Dishes. Primarily because our miserable little box of an apartment has no dishwasher. And since I’m the one who cooks on top of it, it’s doubly annoying. Particularly since my husband is, very frequently, awful at hand washing dishes.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Mostly stuff from the most recent FFXIV patch, if I’m being honest. I also have a longing for a single-player RPG, but I’m not sure what just yet. It’ll probably surprise even me.

Generally, my biggest problem is picking up. I don’t mind any other part of cleaning, even taking care of litterboxes, but just picking up things around me is a habit I’m not good about getting into.

Tyler Edwards (blog): Right now I’m mainly splitting my attention between Tell Me Why and exploring Bloodtrail in Wolcen. It’s funny because they couldn’t be more different – gentle and introspective on one side, wading knee deep in demon entrails on the other – but I’m quite enjoying both. Once I finish Tell Me Why I’m thinking of giving the Halo Master Chief Collection a try.

Bonus question: Pretty much all household chores are about as fun as a root canal. Washing dishes by hand is the worst, but I have a counter-top dishwasher, so thankfully I don’t have to do that too often.

Pierre, patron: I’m playing Cyberpunk 2077. I’m at the very beginning of what looks like a very long game, especially for someone like me who’s an explorer of this kind of open world experience. The writing is very good, the music’s amazing, and the game is gorgeous, even without RTX on (I’m playing on PC and don’t have one of those fancy RTX cards). The game seems well balanced in terms of optimization. Bugs, you will probably ask? Anyone who has done some computer programming knows that it’s humanly impossible to release such a huge game without bugs, especially on PC with the multiplicity of hardware configurations.
Even if Cyberpunk will occupy most of my time, I will probably play some Destiny 2 for a change and to progress my season rank a little more.

Bonus question: Ironing, I really loathe ironing. My personal hell: ironing chores for eternity, with a pile of clothes that never ends. Can I convince one of you, MOP readers, to do my ironing this week? Or have you something else scheduled this weekend, maybe some gaming? Let us know in the comments.

Every Saturday, join the Massively OP community and staff for What Are You Playing, our roundup of what MMORPGs and other games we’re hoping to play this weekend (with a bonus question or two for our amusement). Tell us what you’re up to! Go off-topic! And don’t forget to have fun!

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Damon Anderson
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Damon Anderson(@damon_anderson)
1 year ago

As far as gaming, still working on single player Xbox 1 games, Dragon Age Inquisition is very good, just barely started it, looks expansive. Several other games to keep me gaming for months so should keep me busy till I decide to go online and get into that aspect of console gaming, and I agree that MMO’s on console is a great trend in MMO’s, when you consider I got a used Xbox 1 for $165 CDN and then compare what quality of PC anyone could get for the same dollar amount it’s clearly a great value if gaming is the priority, MMO’s being my gaming experience of choice being on console’s now, more to come of course, works out great. Otherwise working on my equanimity skills, I feel (contrary to what some may say) I have always been good at that (all things considered) even if not always good in other areas, although I feel I’ve made some good progress in those (again the contrary thing I feel a need to state, whether I do or not), I am at almost 2 years free from cocaine addiction, so there’s that, more goes hand in hand with that of course. And so, everything changes, change yourself, change your reality, what can I change or control but myself? Well I hope you all have a great weekend and week and great adventures in your games of choice.

For some reason here’s a Dean Martin song…


1 year ago

Classic WoW when kids are awake, Cyberpunk when kids are asleep. This is the way.

1 year ago

This weekend’s been mostly just relaxing and watching stuff with some FFXIV thrown in. Might get back into Dead by Daylight, not sure. Trying to take it easy as I attempt to unravel the mystery of wtf this head/face pressure is that I’ve been regularly dealing with and seeing what I can do to minimize it for my work week. So far I’ve established that a humidifier does wonders at keeping it contained, but not fully removed.

Bonus Question: Dusting, because it makes my sinuses go haywire more than usual.

1 year ago

Playing through various SWTOR Class stories again after 6+ years. Playing the new FF14 patch. More MSFS2020.

Bryan Correll(@bryan_correll)
1 year ago

Generally, my biggest problem is picking up. I don’t mind any other part of cleaning, even taking care of litterboxes, but just picking up things around me is a habit I’m not good about getting into.

Ugh. Me: Drops a pen on the floor. “I’ll pick it up later.”

–2 months pass–

Someone’s doing a hoarding documentary about me. I swear that I’m not hoarding, I just haven’t gotten around to picking stuff up yet.

Danny Smith(@dope_danny)
1 year ago

After the recent FFXIV patch hit i’ve kind of put shadowlands on the shelf. Its get some neat stuff but not enough to pay a subscription for personally. The XIV story is picking up and i’m enjoying the new raid and emerald weapon stuff but thats about it in terms of mmo’s

Other than that i’m playing 13 sentinels aegis rim which is basically the sleeper goty most people in the west forgot about and its really, really great but one of those games where you can’t say why without massive spoilers.

and finally i got my copy of Yakuza: Like a Dragon and its a jrpg spin off of the ‘gta meets shenmue’ series based on japanese mafia and man its good. You expect the laugh out loud zany bits from it being a jrpg spin off but when it wants to be serious? oh man its just stellar. The whole opening prologue that sets up the MC going to prison for years before getting released for the game proper has some fantastic writing and performances that put any of this years goty condenders to shame. Even if you never played a yakuza before its basically the best turn based rpg i’ve played in a long time. Easily top 3 this gen along with P5 and DQXI.

Hirku Two(@hirku_two)
1 year ago

Howdy! Boy, this year sure did suck! I actually stopped playing MMOs this time last year, came back briefly when the plague first hit, then quit again and I thought that was that. Turns out I’ve missed WRUP and One Shots so much that I’ve come back like a bad sequel (Almost named myself Hirku 2 – Electric Boogaloo, heh). I’m even playing a MMO again.

Last MMO I played during the spring was DC Universe Online. I liked it a lot…with some cosmetic purchases I had Batman The MMO and that was grand. I quit suddenly when I discovered the leveling experience I was enjoying was going to be over soon and it was all grinding group instances from there.

As the summer wore me down I decided I needed a positive and relaxing game, and since I was cooped up like the rest of the world I set out to find a driving game that didn’t involve racing or killing. American Truck Simulator happened to be on sale and like true love it hit me from out of nowhere. Modded it up, learned how to add my favorite music streams to the radio, and now it’s my main stress relief. I just hope the map gets finished before I croak, but at least all the states I’ve lived in are there.

Eventually the barbarian in me craved fresh video game violence, so after sitting in my Steam library for years I dusted off Fallout New Vegas and undertook what turned out to be the largest modding project I’ve ever done. It took me the better part of two months but it was so worth it. I’ve turned it into even more of a Western than it already was, so much so that I’ve nicknamed it Red Dead Radiation.

I’ve been playing that nonstop and realized yesterday that I need to take a break, so I’ve jumped back into MMOs with SWTOR. It was nice to see all of my characters still there with their names intact and I’ve slipped back into the routine without a hitch.

Take care and have a nice weekend!

Bonus: The bathroom. Seemingly endless scrubbing on my hands and knees, and those knees are not as strong as they used to be.

1 year ago

Do not play off ‘Turn Undead’ as unfitting for the ‘Moto-recycler’ Prestige Class. At level 10, you get a second ‘Favored Foe’ for Jet-cycles, and at level 12 you get the ‘Destroy Undead’ class feature, with an added bonus towards vehicular based undead foes.

Skeleton Warriors? Destroyed faster than that one-season series ends. Ghost Rider…? Well, he’s at minimum like… CR 15 I think, so… you can’t Destroy his motorcycle. But you can affect him with Turn Undead and, while he isn’t looking, wreck his ghost bike with the ‘Tie-Rod Ender’ Class Variant style you can choose at level 5. Sure ‘Super Motorcycle Destroying Strike’ is great for single hits, but it scales off Strength and is reliant on unarmed or two-handed attacks.
Tie-Rod Ender though? It grants you finesse with one weapon of your choice, lets you do 3d12 Spoke damage once per turn, and scales much better since it goes off Dex.

And you NEED Dexterity. Motorcycles are notorious for how Dex-heavy their various attack saves are. Plus, ‘SMDS’ does allow you to stop any motorcycle leaving your threat zone upon attack, but ‘T-RE’ lets you use your reaction to force a Charisma save (bad for them) on any Bike attempting to either charge or move in a straight line, and failure causes the bike to lock up. Trust me, you don’t want to be in close with Ghost Rider, his five-foot cone Penance aura is horrible, and its better to trip him up at range rather than up close and risk being stunned by how bad you feel for wrecking motorcycles suddenly.

And while I think more about my favorite game, Ditches and Dirtbikes (Di&Di for short)?

5.4 stuff in Final Fantasy 14. Casual plonking about in Genshin. And More Yakuza 7. Though I might start dipping my toes into some classic gems from the PS2/Dreamcast era provided I can get things to work with them, and replay some of my favorites.

Malcolm Swoboda(@malcolm_swoboda)
1 year ago
  • Genshin Impact – AR26 and calmed down even more this week, focusing on Another Eden. Not using my resin. Finishing the gliding challenge, starting the food delivery challenge, and 1.2 announced!
  • Last Cloudia – Lily event finished and as usual I ‘basically’ finished it but didn’t get the full alchemy upgrading of the event gear, like I care anymore. Now a new, simpler event started about the new character who is basically a KOS-MOS (Xenosaga series) ripoff.
  • Another Eden – A lot. Completed episode IDA Pt 2 save for its extra challenge bosses that demand some actual teambuilding, but reward a strong character after. Progressing a lot with the original endgame dungeons, and so getting some easier gear. Leveling a lot of characters. Ready for upcoming Tales series collab! New maps/dungeons, story, four strong Tales characters for free and their own special attacks, voiced scenes (not typical for this game), and a cooking system to likely justify later larger map exploration content.
  • Distancing Hangouts – Nothing!
  • Logins: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Tales of Crestoria
  • Suspended: SWTOR, Remnant, Terraria

Partner is progressing Hades, and is about done with his *first* full run. FFXII is likely next if a Switch sale comes soon.

Bonus question: He insists on doing the ironing. He’ll insist on doing all sorts of chores, as long as its his idea. I haven’t ironed (clothing) in years.

A friend got Cyberpunk so I’m blasted with lots of stuff about that, and while I’m mixed about The Game Rewards, it did indeed have some interesting reveals. But if Mass Effect is taking later than 2023, I’d rather they just shut up about it for another year or two.

Coming next week! All content and rewards free.

Latest boss. Kinda tough? I might have even done my first ‘chronos stone’ refresh mid-battle, or maybe I blocked out that trauma.


1 year ago

This week: Yeah, *rump seems to be a far more suitable name to get around those filters. Just saying. o.O

Also this week: Finally got my Goblin Enhanced Shaman (GES) to level 60 in WoW. As I indicated last week…it would of been much sooner, if I didn’t run internet technical difficulties (Read: I had none) for the larger pert of said week. Now that I am there…

…welp…it’s interesting so far, in a complicated manner. And I’m not sure that’s bad thing right now.

Bonus Answer: Logging into my games after I’ve done my household chores.

Further reading: Saike Mata Shitemo

About a boy who discovers he has the weird powers of resetting his day after he drowns himself. Thus leading to him drowning himself repeatedly to right all the wrongs for each day. Sometimes with multiple drownings until he gets the wrongs right for that day. And so on…

…which is all fine and dandy, until he starts to run into others with weird powers too. Styrofoam Boy, Duck Tape Girl, Hamster Kid, Jello Dude, Balloon Man…to name a few. And some with the ambition they want to take over the world. You get where this is going. So read on!

Source: https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=112581

Have a great week and weekend folks! And please stay safe! <3

1 year ago
Reply to  Utakata

Manga Groundhog Day sounds fun

1 year ago
Reply to  Fisty

That’s what I thought at first when reading through it…until someone else showed up with another weird power. It started to become something very different as a narrative after that. o.O