The Old Moon Grand Prix horse race begins in Black Desert PC


There’s another event happening in Black Desert on PC, which sounds otherwise humdrum considering every update has some event of some sort. However, this one sounds a little more interesting than usual: It’s a horsie race!

Getting in to the Grand Prix requires a level 30 character, starting off a quest that’s only available once per family, and buying a Giorga Brisa Horse Emblem for 30 million Silver. After that, players can queue up for a race between 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST except during Node Wars and Conquest Wars. Once five players are lined up, the race will start, though if there are less than that, the race will be cancelled after a three minute timer unless another person joins the queue, in which case the three minute timer resets.

As for the race itself, every horse has a Power of Wind gauge that charges when players sprint or drift. Once the gauge is filled, players can activate a Sweeping Movement speed boost. As one would expect with all these mechanics, race horses have their own set of unique controls, which are outlined in the latest patch notes, along with information about the various rewards that players can earn. It further outlines a number of boosting items and race horse equipment that can help players giddy up that much better.

Otherwise, the update brings some new quests for the winter season server, a wide swath of changes to the Nova class, and a few other adjustments to items, monsters, and more. There’s also an increased item drop rate event happening as well as increased XP earnings to rake in at the Red Battlefield thanks to another event. But none of these have horsies, so they’re immediately inferior.

source: official site (1, 2)

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