Star Trek Online’s overhaul of the Klingon starting experience concludes with improvements to Grethor

Big ally.

It’s going to be a little while longer until the current major story arc inĀ Star Trek Online wraps up, but before that happens you can have the conclusion of the Klingon starting experience revamp, as a treat. The latest development entry talks about the revamps coming to the missions set in Grethor, with new and improved textures for the various spirits of the dead you encounter along with new models for the dishonorable demons players must face in battle.

This revamp also includes a new model for S’gen, son of Torg, along with the inimitable Kahless. There are also a variety of new Klingon hairs coming to the game for both modern Klingons and the upcoming Discovery-era Klingons, so players engaging in battle on behalf of the KDF will have new options for the hair of an honorable warrior. Check out the new hairs just below, and if you’ve never tried making a Klingon character before now… well, this would be the ideal time, yes?

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