WRUP: Advantages and Disadvantages edition



  • Double-jointed (5 points)
  • Triple-jointed (10 points)
  • My limbs are covered in joints like one of those snakes you could get at a carnival booth (15 points)
  • Really crappy code of behavior (5 points)
  • Edgelord (10 points)
  • Can clear those appearing-disappearing block sections in Mega Man without using Rush Jet (5 points)
  • Smell nice (10 points)
  • Hot dog sense (15 points)
  • What Are You Playing makes sense to me (5 points)


  • Zero-jointed (5 points)
  • Parasitic life form, like that jerk Steve still crashing on my couch a month later (10 points)
  • Code of behavior actually preventing you from doing stuff (5 points)
  • Code of behavior that you can’t define as something to let you do what you wanted to do anyhow (10 points)
  • Farts (5 points)
  • No fashion sense (5 points)
  • Bad fashion sense (10 points)
  • Trendy fashion sense (15 points)
  • Nothing specifically wrong with you but everyone thinks you’re kind of a tool (40 points)
  • Wrong opinions about video games (5 points)

Bonus question: How’s your eyesight? Do you need glasses, and if so, what sort?

Andy McAdams: I’m going to continue putzing around in World of Warcraft and probably get some Mythic+ runs in with my guild. Thanks to Chris, I’ve also logged into Elite: Dangerous and been overwhelmed with the vast amount of directions to move in, so I’ll probably be keeping up with that too. Maybe some Animal Crossing to zen out? Who knows these days.

My eyesight was terrible – I had such a bad astigmatism that I was close to legally blind. BUT back in 2010 I had Lasik and now my vision is close to 20/20. I still have glasses for night driving because I still get wicked halos around everything or when my eyes are tired from being on the computer all day.

Ben Griggs (@braxwolf): I will be grinding the dockyard event in World of Warships while simultaneously trying to figure out how the captain rework has affected my ships. I’ll also pop into Elite: Dangerous and do…whatever it is I do in that game.

I had terrible vision for most of my life until I had laser surgery about ten years ago. Since then, it’s slipped a bit due to astigmatism and age. I now wear progressive lenses for reading and to sharpen my nearsightedness, though I can function (drive, lay in bed and watch TV etc) without them.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Expecting to be finished with repairs on Old House this weekend, so I can turn my attention entirely to New House and games! Last night I got City of Heroes patched up and I’ve been thinking about dipping back into The Sims 4 again. We’ll see. Crossed Lord of the Rings Online back off my list after the recent shenanigans, even after paying up my hobbit hole. I just can’t with it right now.

I was fortunate to inherit great eyesight (thanks dad!). No glasses yet, though I know age gets everyone eventually.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): Pretty much a repeat of my past replies with Elite: Dangerous and Final Fantasy XIV on the docket this weekend. I’ve got some RP things to nail down in FFXIV and I’ve kitted out my Chieftain in Elite so I’m going to see if I can be a reasonable combat pilot.

My eyesight is awful. I have severe myopia, have had ocular ademas before, and my glasses are spectacularly thick. I’m glad glasses design has come a long way, though; in my childhood my glasses were so heavy that the arms dug into my ears.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Just some usual FFXIV and probably some single-player stuff over the weekend. Let’s mark it down as a calm sort of weekend, yes?

My eyesight is actually not too bad, and while my distance vision is a problem I function fine without glasses up close. I wear my glasses all the time just because it’s better to get in the habit of having them on, but I mostly just need them for driving.

Tyler Edwards (blog): Back on the Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla horse. Might also fit in some Wolcen or Torchlight III.

Bonus question: I started wearing glasses about a year ago. I should have gotten them much sooner, but I was afraid they’d make me look too goofy. Ironically I ended up liking my look better with glasses. They divert attention from the rest of my face.

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I played the GW2 chapter, some LOTRO, and a very tiny bit of DDO this week.

I went hiking over the weekend, so I didn’t have a ton of game time.

I have good eyesight and never needed glasses or contacts.

IronSalamander8 .

I’ve been playing the regulars, but this week has been hell. Karl had to go to the emergency vet Sunday and was there till Thursday after being unable to lift his head and more or less collapsing wherever he was to lay down. He’s better now, currently resting on my lap, but that was a lot of money and worry, he has a tumor on his adrenal gland and we’re trying to manage it with medication (it was sapping his potassium which is why he was so weak), and he has to return for a follow up Monday. Hopefully he gets the feeding tube removed soon.

Also, we’re trying to sneak in a little Battleborn before it goes away forever. It was handled poorly in many ways, but it’s a fun game and Wish it did better.

I should probably wear glasses as I’m getting nearsighted, but so far I have not done so.

Have a safe and healthy weekend of games, everyone!

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Ashfyn Ninegold

For most of the week, I’ve been playing American souls-like, just hoping to get to Wednesday for a campfire reset without another near-death experience. Made it.

For most of the week, I’ve been unable to concentrate on anything, so it’s been a lot of an hour of this and an hour of that. Going through city builders like grease through a goose.

SWTOR came up on the MMO wheel again and I’ve been making good progress with my 7th class, now in Chapter 2. Enjoying Bounty Hunter story line quite a bit. SWTOR by today’s standards is an easy game, which seems to be what I’ve been interested in by and large.

Trying out the new Rogue class in The Last Epoch and finding bowmaster to be pretty decent. Strong D2 Amazon vibe. Not as OP as Shatter Sorcerer, but close. I’m hoping The Last Epoch keeps on track because it’s shaping up to be an excellent ARPG.

I’m not one of the 257,000 that jumped into PoE’s new league. Although people seem pleased with the new league, I’m just tired of PoE’s bloat.

Rats have invaded the 1890s apartment building we live in, something that’s fairly common all over the city since most restaurants have shut down. We hear them chewing all night and then go out in the morning and check the new holes in the redwood shingles. We cover the holes. They start chewing again. I guess this would be sort of a rogue-light, where you never quite get ahead but still make progress of some sort.

I’ve worn glasses since high school. And let me tell you, frames are so much more attractive now than they were way back when, although the gold rims of the 70s were better made than the gold rims of today.

That’s it. Hope everyone stays well.

Malcolm Swoboda
  • Genshin Impact – STILL AR49, but that’s because I barely played this week. My first team Friendship Lv 10. Going to mess with the boss fight event this weekend but no expectations. At this point I’m getting itchy for the new PC performance so I’ll be playing rather less :).
  • Last Cloudia – Finishing the Lilebette character event except for a ‘bonus’ grind to alchemy upgrade weapons. Caught up to the new main story. I’ve hit breakthrough of having multiple ‘maxed’ out teams! Maybe its time to deal with the monthly tower trial mode…
  • Another Eden – With the release of more main story, the devs have an event where you get a new character if you start the next main story phase than the one you’re on. So I’m pushing to complete the chapters of the ‘Ogre Wars Pt 2’ campaign and I’m about half way done. Started with entering Purgatory to face the diminished forms of the Elemental Spirit gods for the assistance, then went to the future and did time travel shenanigans to restore a museum, and now I’m in a haunted theme park version of the present’s Miglance Castle.
  • Distancing Hangouts – Nothing so far, except maybe Genshin with a friend this weekend.
  • Logins: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Tales of Crestoria
  • Suspended: SWTOR, Remnant, Terraria
  • Tryouts: Goddess of Genesis, that’s a nope, uninstalled. Cookie Run: Kingdom, super ‘mobile F2P game’ but strangely charming and addicting, though it can’t run well on my phone so I pop into it while on the laptop. Princess Connect Re:Dive, God forgive me, but I’m playing a waifu harem game as a gay man, and I wish it wasn’t so convenient to play and charmed me with… well really its music, parts of its storyline, and (non-character) art style. Dammit.

Partner’s STILL playing Hades! Forever! Also he got a Ring Fit so he does that in the morning, instead of just yoga or PC gaming with friends. Oh right, he can’t do the latter because the 2nd hard drive has finally failed ;). Had it since 2011!

Upcoming patch and event. Looking forward to it, but not super excited. It’ll be nice if it’ll be when I get newPCing though.

One of the latest bosses. NOT the full-power form though, I don’t have time for that, I need my new character reward! I love this Purgatory area, it has wonderful music, interesting characters stuck in it, and nicely visually themed areas for the elementals. Hopefully an update one day expands on it.

How dare it be this cute. Even the dialogue has me sweetly smiling. How dare! When a city builder (even if hybrid with other genres) on the phone has me wanting to buy the Battle Pass, its at least something ‘special’.

Oh right.. its because its really a gacha with an anime storyline.

Bonus: Oh yeah. My far sight is pretty bad, I can’t read words on signs etc. Near sight is fine. It hasn’t degraded much through my twenties, but I’ve needed help since childhood. I wear glasses half the time, usually at home, and contact lenses the other half, usually outside, especially with winter and mask wearing fogging happening. I’ve learned to embrace monthlies over dailies, and how to find really relatively cheap deals online.


I have to disagree about ‘Hot Dog Sense’ being an ‘advantage’. Everyone knows hot dogs are all the sloppy useless bits from all the other animals stuffed into a skin-sock from another animal’s useless bits. Even if you don’t know that, you are vaguely aware of it. And the RAW reading of it clearly states you become immediately aware of and can sense the locations of ‘Hot Dog and Hot Dog Components’ in a 25m radius. People like to argue ‘components’ means just buns and toppings, but if so that would fall not under components but accessories.

If you live in a city? It might not be too bad aside from the weird blips as you pass butcher shops and packing plants… But rural areas? Your brain is going to be lit up something fierce.

Plus, ‘Hot Dog Sense’ and ‘Smell Nice’ should be marked as mutually exclusive. Anyone who wants to at-will cast ‘Detect Hot Dog’ is going to smell like Hot dogs. And Hot Dogs do not smell ‘nice’.

And whilst I try to figure out why I have only “8 Applebee’s points” left after taking ‘WRUP makes sense’?

More casual plunking about mostly. I’d technically be AR51 in Genshin, but as I’m refusing to advance the rank I’m still locked to 50. I’ve seen nothing but annoyances about going past it, so… I’m taking full advantage of having Capped Characters and weapons wrecking shop while I grab junk for some lower characters.
Other than that, Casual FF14 and other games here and there. Debating on if I want to start proper through Danganropa or hit up some nostalgic fluff after I finish Ashen (The Darksouls of games with even less facial animations than Dark Souls).


This week: “What Executive Orders would you sign if you sat in the Oval Office, Uta?”

Welp, definitely ones about way better income redistribution programs…

“…but you would likely have to get that through Congress.”

I get that. So the left pigtail would task my speech writer, the wordsmith goddess, Amanda Gorman, to write up a compelling and inspiring explanation of all that. And then present to the joint session as how it would benefit everyone from all walks of life, liberal or conservative, rich or poor, etc., with such a deal. If they want unity…

“And what about Moscow Mitch…”

…and the right pigtail would make sure Ms. Kamala help it pass by that hurdle, among other things. <3

Unfortunately though, I am not typing this from said office. Nor is my desk resolute. :(

Also this week: Anyone else find the Covenant thingy in WoW a bit confusing and intimidating? /sigh

Bonus Answer: I do. But they are not shown on my avatar currently though. /shrug :)

And have a great week and weekends! And please stay safe! /bows


PS: Glasses, Oh right and I almost forgot about these… o.O


Checking out Endless Space 2 which recently went free-to-try on Steam. So far i’m really digging it, but i haven’t played it nearly long enough to give it a rating. Still, i miss playing 4x style games, and this one scratches that sci fi itch.

Other than that, haven’t had much time to game in the last 2 weeks or so. Work has been very busy, and i’m lacking free time to engage with anything meaningful.

Also i’m waiting on the delivery of my new car which i’ve ordered back in August of last year. The delays are super annoying, and the recent shortage of chips are pushing the wait even further. First world problems, i guess…

Zulika Mi-Nam
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Zulika Mi-Nam

I saw a article on chip supply issues earlier in the week, but I thought it was all Brexit related.

Could I ask about the type of car and if you know where the factory is that is making it? -curious about these things. Thanks!


Based on my research, the chip supply issue is related to the shift in demand by car manufacturers. Early last year, the vehicle orders plummeted due to Covid, and the chip manufacturers switched over to consumer product manufacturing to make up for the loss of revenue. As a result, once the car manufacturing spiked up again, the chip suppliers simply didn’t have enough in their stock to supply the sudden influx of orders, and now they have to play catch-up game to get it back to normal levels of production. But this might only be one of the theories..

I ordered a Dodge from the Brampton, Canada plant.

Zulika Mi-Nam
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Zulika Mi-Nam

Car sales spiked here earlier in South Florida as many no longer wanted to take public transportation due to the virus. Our pub transpo is meh and the area has not done well at controlling the spread at any point.

Good luck with the car bud!

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FFXIV is kind of on the back burner this week. I joined a new community I might switch servers to start playing with. Will see how it goes. I finished Blaster Master Zero 2. Thankfully my coworker hinted me on how to get the true ending because I would’ve totally missed it. It’s a huge step up in challenge from the first one. I also started Ghost of Tsushima last night and it’s interesting so far. It’s funny how open world games do start to feel a little samey after a couple of them. There’s so much shared UI language.

I have been wearing glasses since I was eight years old (I just turned 41). I have an astigmatism in one eye and the other is lazy (started after a bout of Bell’s palsy about a decade ago, even though that shouldn’t effect the eye muscles *shrug*). I tried contacts once in high school and got pink eye so bad I couldn’t open them so I gave up on that. I can’t recall how bad my prescription is, I always forget to look at it, but more than a foot away and making out anything is about impossible without the glasses, not helped by the lazy eye refusing to focus as well just making it worse.

Bryan Correll

I’ve needed glasses as long as I can remember. And a few years ago I started needing bifocals. I’m practically Burgess Meredith on the Twilight Zone.

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Hirku Two

Never forget your eyeglass leash!

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I’m back to playing WoW Classic, i uninstalled Retail because i haven’t touched it for more than a month and i don’t think i’ll go back, that was the plan anyway, when i started playing it i planned to play 2 expansions and i played 3, that’s enough.

But with TBC news there is a chance that leveling a character now in Classic will be a waste of time if Blizzard decided to restart everything.

Bonus: I wear glasses since i was 9, shortsighted but it wasn’t bad, i just could not redd the blackboard from the back of the class, the teacher sent me to the school clinic to check my eye, there the nurse said i needed glasses and i was happy!

Class mates who wear glasses always complain about them and keep telling them it’s cool, that’s why i was happy, i’m joining the cool kids 😂

There is a photo for me with my first glasses, aviator style glasses, so big and golden, they covered half of my face!