Pirates of the Burning Sea wants to make new content and break up the pirate faction


With some of the more critical infrastructure issues addressed, free-to-play Pirates of the Burning Sea is now sailing into the waters of possible content development — but it’s hampered in this effort.

The only problem for this community dev team is that creating new content is impossible without a “proprietary third-party tool” that Sony Online Entertainment used. “We need to restore or replace this process. Until this issue is resolved, the changes that can be made to content revolve around the manipulation of existing data,” the team said.

Some of the ideas that the team has for changes include removing ship level restrictions, universal ship capturing, streamlining the game’s complexity, and balancing the lopsided factions (pirates, to no one’s surprise, “overwhelmingly” outnumber all of the other groups).

“We want to break the Pirate nation up, take it out of the traditional conquest system and have pirates be more like actual pirates — society or individual-based, competing among themselves for riches and glory,” the team said.

The piratical MMO recently released a brand-new installer and a patch to stabilize some of the shakier aspects of the game.

Source: Pirates of the Burning Sea. Thanks Ragemaster9999!

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Shadex De'Marr

Dumbing down the systems and making everything for everyone is not going to fix PotBS. The number one thing that makes games popular for years after their hayday is community and PotBS falls severely in this arena.

Look at WoW and the way players identify and form fierce tribal bonds with being either Horde or Alliance. PotBS provides zero incentive to feel like you want to be a part of any faction but rather builds itself to benefit players to play all the factions and switch alliances at the drop of a hat.

The market is a complete joke with players running sometimes dozens of alternate accounts in every nation so that no one has to buy anything from anyone. Flip a port? Pbththth I’ll just switch to my alt account that belongs to that nation.

It currently has no pull and no point and without it will be near impossible to rise from the ashes. The core designs needs to be addressed not just gutting systems. I loved the idea of this game at launch and was sad to see it fail so badly. I hope these new individuals find a way to really make some significant changes and make it a game worth playing again. It deserves as much.

Franklin Adams

I don’t know much about how SOE worked internally, but could they possibly license tools from the SWG emulation teams? I mean it may be completely different in architectural terms and wouldn’t work but SWG’s various emulation teams obviously cracked that limitation. Again, I don’t know how Pirates of the Burning Sea is internally but I’d figure they have to be somewhat similar to SWG unless Sony was dumber than I thought, which could be the case.

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Jack Pipsam

Their new site is snazzy compared to the blog they were using for years since the move to self-publishing.

Breaking up pirates is interesting, back when I used to play the game as a teen (thanks to SOE All Access), I chose for whatever reason the Spanish faction, it became very clear very fast that unless you’re Pirate, you can be buggered in certain stages or times of the game.


If only PotBS looked like SoT, i’d pick it back up in an instant..


I tried to give it a run last month but the graphics turned me away while still in the tutorial. I give them kudos for keeping it running but couldn’t make the trip back to it successfully.