Pirates of the Burning Sea wants to make new content and break up the pirate faction


With some of the more critical infrastructure issues addressed, free-to-play Pirates of the Burning Sea is now sailing into the waters of possible content development — but it’s hampered in this effort.

The only problem for this community dev team is that creating new content is impossible without a “proprietary third-party tool” that Sony Online Entertainment used. “We need to restore or replace this process. Until this issue is resolved, the changes that can be made to content revolve around the manipulation of existing data,” the team said.

Some of the ideas that the team has for changes include removing ship level restrictions, universal ship capturing, streamlining the game’s complexity, and balancing the lopsided factions (pirates, to no one’s surprise, “overwhelmingly” outnumber all of the other groups).

“We want to break the Pirate nation up, take it out of the traditional conquest system and have pirates be more like actual pirates — society or individual-based, competing among themselves for riches and glory,” the team said.

The piratical MMO recently released a brand-new installer and a patch to stabilize some of the shakier aspects of the game.

Source: Pirates of the Burning Sea. Thanks Ragemaster9999!
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