Atlas developers state that the game is not yet where they want it to be in a new Q&A

I'm on a boat.

It’s kind of nice to have a developer outright tell you that a game still deep in development is not yet into a finished state. The newest community Q&A from Atlas did precisely that, with a succinct and clear developer response explaining that the game’s development is in part a collaborative process of seeing where players want the game to go and moving plans accordingly. Nevertheless, there’s a clear sense of iterative development here:

– Atlas isn’t where we want it. The game has a long history already and I don’t want to spend time there. Just know that where we are today is not where we want to be.
– Vision is about destination. When we talk about vision, we’re talking about where we want to be, not where we are today.
– Finally, remember that the game’s development is a cooperative experience. We put a bit of something out and then see how you like it and then we adjust to that.

The Q&A does cover other topics, of course. For example, players should look ahead to being able to custom-build ships with player-designed modules in the more distant future. Players can also look forward to armored docks offering better protection for NPCs in the near future, and the recent changes to land claims are just the first step in making land more dynamic for everyone. Check out the full rundown of questions and answers on the game’s Steam page.

Source: Steam

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Dug From The Earth

News Flash: Company with underskilled developers that used horribly coded game framework isnt happy with “final” product years later.


Here is a little clip of what sailing is like (you can hear my friends response to what is happening lol)

Kickstarter Donor

2 years post-launch, with a known and financially successful developer behind it, huge influencer boosting at launch.

Man, I miss when companies that can afford to release finished products actually bothered releasing a finished product. Or like, bother finishing the products they launch early and then spend years mucking about with.

Moneyed developers exploiting Early Access remains a huge bugaboo of mine.


after always reading review´s on steam every time the game been on sale. One starts to wonder well where the hell do you want the game to be ? the scrap yard the most meh survival game of the year ?


I really don’t think they know what they want the game to be.


yeah seams like it.