Star Citizen discusses the creation of logos, docking arms, outpost buildings, and more vehicles


It’s time for your weekly dose of Star Citizen news in video form as CIG has released another episode of Inside Star Citizen. The video first kicks off with a look at how the devs create the logos for in-game brands like microTech, Crusader, and in a more detailed look, Gino’s Hot Bird. Incidentally, I could go for some spicy chicken right about now.

The second half of the video is a bit more substantive in terms of development progress with another sprint report. This part of the video announces the docking arms to link stations to large ships have moved from whitebox to greybox development; provides a peek at a space whale statue that will be part of Orison; shares some concepts of location plates that play to indicate where a player respawns (and in the case of being in prison, what infractions landed them there); outlines updates on the Mercury Starfarer, Aegis Redeemer, and Nova tank; and grants a look at some new outpost buildings.

source: YouTube
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