RIFT starts testing planar incursions, opens an official Discord server


When it first launched, RIFT’s biggest selling point was its dynamic world events system that included the titular rifts, invasions, and more. It’s this system that Gamigo is looking to leverage with its new Planar Incursions event.

Testing for this world event is now on the PTS, with dedicated players putting it through its paces. It sounds as though it’s a series of daily quests that push back against an invasion, with the big incentive being gear that you can grind up to higher levels. Testers are reporting that the grind is a little too excessive right now, so hopefully Gamigo listens to them on this.

Another interesting development in RIFT’s world is the opening of an official Discord server for those who want to chat with fellow players and developers.

RIFT is currently in the throes of its “Typhoon of Doom” battle pass season, which is running through March 18th.

Source: RIFT, #2. Thanks bunches Clowd!

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I’ve read a lot about the population being quite low, particularly in the starting zones. I’ve been discussing with some friends and we might give it a try and start from scratch. The UI and Graphics are still very polished. I just re-installed after about 4 years and was immediately impressed with how polished it is and how great it looks. Might give it a spin for a bit.


Nice to see RIFT getting SOME attention from Gamigo. Though, that can be a bad thing too.

Not a huge fan of daily quests, but am a fan of the invasions when you could have a group rolling through them.

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Richard de Leon III

been meaning to start fresh on the game, does anyone still do the original rift events? the last time i tried i was the only one trying in the lower zones.


I doubt you get much participation. Been about a year for me too.


Most people run instant adventures (sometimes you have to close a rift while doing them) or the main story quest to level now.