Darkfall: Rise of Agon is expanding its paid dev team and launching in Asia


Here’s some big news for fans of the Darkfall saga: The last Darkfall version still standing, Darkfall: Rise of Agon, is headed to a launch in Asia.

MMO players will recall that Darkfall’s original studio, Aventurine, closed down back in 2016, turned over the remnants of the game to a pair of player-organized teams. New Dawn, the more hardcore of the two, is all but defunct, but Big Picture Games’ Rise of Agon has marched onward with the flag.

Today’s announcement suggests that the tiny dev team – made up of only two underpaid programmers and a team of volunteers – found development challenging. But now it’s partnering with an investor/player overseas to expand to the Asian market with a new server and a bigger team of 13 paid staff, including dedicated QA and community management.

The studio does reassure players that the current version of the game is going nowhere and that the servers will remain separate. “Now I know there’s probably going to be an immediate concern that we’re abandoning our current server or its going to be wiped, we have no plans for either, just the opposite actually,” the team writes. “This partnership is going to increase our development resources and patches on the existing server, not decrease.”

Source: Official site. Cheers, Anon and Chris!

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Bruno Brito

Unrelated but the way that character is holding those axes gets the “worst dual wield stance to ever exist” prize.


Yeah. Something doesn’t quite smell right about this. A ‘partnership’ with an as yet unnamed Asian source that is investing enough cash to hire 13 people for the ASIAN side of the business?

This actually feels much more like a sell out of this version of the game. There is probably a contractual requirement to keep the US version running for a set period of time. But I would not expect it to last long after that period, if this indeed was a sale of the game.

We will see. But there is more hype in this announcement than hard information.

Thomas Frevold

Hi Ironwu,

I am the project manager at BPG. That is about as far from the truth as you could get. There are no plans of shutting down the NA servers and no contractual obligations to keep them running. The company ownership has not changed. The “Partnership” is with a company of a long time player from China. The original announcement was for Rise of Agon players… we never really had any intention of any news sites picking it up.


Thomas “Bound” Frevold


Understood. That being said, I still find it odd that the “Partnership” company is still not being named. :/

And you know the internet. NOTHING is private when posted online. Might as well have made it a public announcement with all the details.

I realize there are currently no ‘plans’ for ending the NYC site. But without firm details on the new “Partnership”, there is really no way to judge the scope of the changes and who is really in charge.

Would you not agree?

Not saying it is one way or the other. Just saying it is kind of in the dark, so the assurances are not so easily accepted.


There’s been many rumours floating around our community for a few months and that’s why we wanted to address the rumours with some details. We’re still pretty early in getting it all up and running we only just started moving forward and things are in a flurry internally as we are pushing to get a testing environment out.

Once we have a website online we will be providing more details and I plan to run a kind of informal q&a next week so everyone can throw questions at us. This first announcement was to put rumours to rest and provide some basic info.

This is a new joint venture with many of us from BPG working on both but it is a separate company we’ve set up in Asia to manage the new server. This is a collaborative project of equal partners.

Thanks for your interest :)