Star Citizen breaks down the capital ships and shield tech of the Assault on Stanton dynamic event


Star Citizen continues to make a whole lot of noise about its first dynamic event, which sees players engaging with the Idris and Javelin capital ships, and this week’s episode of Inside Star Citizen is further talking up the event as it discusses the creation of capital ships in battle and the shields that surround them.

The first half of the video is all about what the team at CIG tried to consider with regards to fighting capital ships. Much was made about AI behavior like the Idris pointing forward to bring its rail gun to bear, the Javelin keeping its broadsides available to unleash all of its turrets, and both ships choosing priority targets like bombers over fighters or incoming missiles. It also talked about how well the event went overall, noting instances were players were able to hijack a capital ship for themselves or how they strategized to take an enemy capital ship down, and things that can be improved upon like the AI getting overwhelmed by too many players.

The second half of the video talked up shields, thanking themselves for the use of Signed Distance Fields to create distinct shields that wrap around the shape of a craft instead of making a bubble and apply visual effects that splash over a mesh. What the premiere of this shield tech ultimately means for Star Citizen’s PU is that these types of shields will be arriving to all ships in the game in the near future, with considerations later being made to design shield styles based on race or manufacturer.

source: YouTube

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So Far so good , Servers are fairly stable ( didn’t crash in the 2 hrs I played), haven’t run into any griefers ..yet and most people are working cooperatively to get the event done. This is Phase One so far with each part taking around a week to get done giving people plenty of time to participate.