Black Desert is deleting accounts not transferred to Pearl Abyss by May 31

If you haven’t transferred your Black Desert account from Kakao to Pearl Abyss – perhaps because of the chaos last week – then you should definitely pencil it in. That’s because Pearl Abyss has now put an end-date on the whole ordeal: May 31st. And that’s a serious business date because that’s when accounts that aren’t properly transferred are being deleted. Vanished. Retired. Destroyed. Expunged. Made inaccessible forever and ever. You get the idea.

“All non-transferred data will be reset and deleted if the account is not transferred to a Pearl Abyss account by the transfer deadline of May 31 (Mon) at 23:59 (UTC).”

To note, I transferred my own account Tuesday and it went super smoothly, so maybe the kinks are worked out now. Either way, don’t forget – and the sooner the better since you won’t even be able to play on Kakao’s service starting next week since the hand-off is official as of February 25th. The forums appear to be closing down even sooner.

As for what else is going on this week in the universe of BDO that doesn’t involve deleting your old toons? Well, over in the mobile version, the Archer and Fletcher sub-classes are live, as are the associated level-up events. The PC version has been slow to get its patch notes up as I type this, perhaps because the extended restart won’t be bringing any, but it sounds as if players can look forward to new login challenges and a cash-shop update at minimum.

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