Mortal Online 2’s latest update adds more gore and the Myrland Jungle

Sure, fine. Great. Neat.

When you take down an enemy in Mortal Online 2, you want to be sure it’s dead, and there’s no surer way that’s the case than with a whole bunch of gore. That’s part of what players can expect out of the game’s latest beta patch, which has added a “gore system” that features slashing deaths that can remove limbs, new death effects specific to piercing weapon kills, and more impactful blunt weapon deaths.

It’s not all blood n’ guts in the update however. The update has also introduced the Myrland Jungle location and a new jungle camp, some big fluffy buffalo-looking critters known as Wisents, and a variety of changes and fixes to the game overall. The full patch notes offer all of the salient details.


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