Dual Universe has officially opened a public test server today


It’s the whole “testing the test in a test server before putting that test in a beta test” thing again, except this time it’s for Dual Universe. The building space sandbox has officially opened up its public test server, allowing all active subscribers and alpha backers to preview new features and provide feedback before they enter the game’s beta build.

“It’s important to note that PTS is solely for testing purposes,” explains the announcement. “We’d like to manage expectations that updates to the PTS may include feature prototypes and gameplay changes that may not ever come to the Live server. Updates will be unpolished. There will be no Customer Support. The server may be offline for extended periods, wiped or taken offline without advanced notice.”

Should none of those concerns bother you and you’re in the appropriate tier of backer, then you can check out a test build of the 0.24 update today. The PTS is currently scheduled to remain online between now and March 2nd, though those times may shift as necessary. Additionally, there are now some forums for PTS users to submit their feedback.


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