Wurm Online tests a combat overhaul on PTS and discusses content update plans


It’s an inevitability in Wurm Online that players are going to have to fight things, and the process of fighting is the focus of a combat overhaul released to the test server this past week. This update sees offensive and defensive stances separated, special moves overhauled, and the visual feedback increased so that following the combat log shouldn’t be needed for most casual PvE fights. Auto-fight has also been adjusted to switch between attack and defense stances, though it does move slower than if players were switching stances themselves.

In addition to the PTS build, the devs have put together a news bulletin talking about a variety of topics including plans for new content. Following the release of the combat overhaul, players can look forward to an improvement on animal keeping mechanics sometime in the spring and an exploration themed update in the summer, promising that exploration of Wurm’s world will become “significantly more interesting and rewarding.” Additionally, the game’s old UI client to be removed within the next month or two.

sources: official forums (1, 2)

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Wurm Online missed opportunity when they Steam launched, their strongest showing ever. Quickly people began to drop off because the combat was clunky, resource, crafting and building mechanics were the most tedious of its genre. Never mind how mismanaged the game world server migrations have been, it’s a game grind only the most patient can handle.

Valheim has virtually fixed all of Wurm Online’s problems aside from being a true MMO with a player run economy.


Offensive(Aggressive/Normal)/Defensive stances were already ‘separate’, not sure what you mean with your comment there.

I know, because I spent hours raising all 3 of them on my character.

Defensive triggered more defensive blocks (Shields/Parrying) and kept you a tad safer, but at the expense of doing damage as quickly. (It lowered the dmg output if I remember correctly, I forget how much by. But 1Her weapons are like stinging pinpricks anyway, enough of them add up to finally take something down.)

Aggressive vastly improved your attack SPEED, meaning you hit more often (Best with slow swinging 2Her weapons), but it left more openings for you to be hit(‘stumble and leave an opening’), and therefore was more dangerous to your survival.

Normal fighting was a mid-line version of both combined…a little defensive and a little aggressive. So you swung more regularly, but could also respond with defensive casually.

In this game, the meta is/you want to have weapons with LT(Life Transfer) and aggressive, so you hit them hard and fast, and it transfers a lot of the HP from what you hit, to yourself. Usually with a roped random lowbie mob behind you basically acting like a ‘battery’ to hit and replenish if you’re failing to hit the harder target you’re fighting, as the lowbie mob are unlikely to be able to hit an armored target much and will promptly refill your life faster than any damage they’d do.

I purposely didn’t use weapons with LT and learned the mechanics of fighting WITHOUT, and I used low-mid weapons because my weaponsmithing wasn’t high enough and I didn’t want to pay people to fancify my weaponry. (I also like a challenge)

Shield-bashing/Taunting were their own separate mechanics also, along with weaponless (fist punching) fighting.

I’m glad to see they are ‘updating’ some of this, but it’s definitely not as much of an update as you’re talking it up as/they are trying to portray it as.