The Division 2 is getting a new game mode late 2021, reruns of Year 2 season content in the meantime


Ever since Ubisoft Massive made the announcement that The Division 2 would be getting another content update this year after TU12, which was intended to be the game’s last update, players have likely been wondering approximately when that new content will arrive. A recent post detailing the road ahead has that answer, along with word on what will be happening in-game in the immediate future as well.

The next content update will introduce “a game mode that is entirely new to the franchise” along with a new way for players to progress that emphasizes build variety and viability. Information on the game mode and progression system updates will be released in the coming months, while the content itself is set to arrive at some point in late 2021. Until then, players will be seeing seasonal content from Year 2 rerun, along with new Apparel Events and minor Title Updates that will focus on the game’s overall health.

Reaction to the news hasn’t been met with universal fanfare, as many veteran players were hoping that new content would be arriving sooner than the tail end of 2021. There are just about as many players lauding the news, however, particularly among those who are either new to Div 2 or are coming back after a hiatus. As one Redditor puts it: “Its the best time to start playing The Division 2, but the worst to finish it.”

sources: official site, Reddit. Cheers, Kinya!
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