WRUP: 101 uses for a hammer edition

The HORSE is a noble animal.
  1. Birds
  2. Big birds
  3. Small birds
  4. Nuthatches
  5. Fish Birds
  6. Fish Bats
  7. bats
  8. batty bay
  9. avast ye, this be the bay of bats
  10. hearken ye to my words, ye scurrilous nope this bit is dumb forget it
  11. Birds Again
  12. Titmice
  13. Titmouses
  14. Multiple Birds named “Titmouse”
  15. Geese
  16. Goose
  17. Glue
  18. Fish
  19. Tuna Fish
  20. Salmon Fish
  21. Salmon Tuna
  22. Two Salmon
  23. The Great Salmon Caper
  24. Not Without My Salmon
  25. Salmon Me Tuna
  26. Fish Me With Your Fish Eyes
  27. Birds
  28. Alfred Hitchcock
  29. Alternate Universe Eviler Alfred Hitchcock
  30. Alphonse Hitchcock
  31. Abacore
  32. Tuna Again
  33. Ham
  34. ham
  35. hamms
  36. hamamaje
  37. fjfmahamma
  38. hom
  39. hamblebamble
  40. hoo
  41. hoooooo
  42. hoioooooooo
  43. hamper
  44. Hinder
  45. Hindy
  46. Mittens
  47. Mitten Fish
  48. Bird Mitten
  49. Ham Mitten
  50. Smitten Ham
  51. Smitten Bird
  52. Smiting Bird
  53. Fish-smote bird
  54. fish says bird
  55. bird says fish
  56. they live together
  57. let’s make a wish
  58. too-la-la-la-li
  59. too-la-la-la-lo
  60. my bird is named reginald
  61. hoopa-doopa-snow
  62. Cats
  63. syrup
  64. Syrup Cats
  65. Catfish
  66. Fishcat
  67. Catcat
  68. Catgirl
  69. Fishgirl
  70. Not a mermaid
  71. A fishgirl
  72. They’re different.
  73. Do I need to draw you a picture?
  74. Well I can’t draw!
  75. I just can’t.
  76. I did not develop this skill.
  77. My artistic talents are not up to the task
  78. Look, you know what a fish is like, right?
  79. Yeah, like a bird, except –
  80. Yeah.
  81. Now add a girl.
  82. Birdgirl
  83. Girl bird
  84. Hawkgirl
  85. Hawkfish
  86. Hawk catching fish
  87. Hawk fighting cat
  88. What Are You Playing
  89. Cat fights
  90. Hawk fights
  91. Thunderhawks
  92. Silverhawks
  93. Hawk McFalcon, Private Investigator
  94. Fish
  95. Fish
  96. Bird
  97. Bird
  98. Bird
  99. Bird
  100. Melon
  101. Fish

Bonus question: What television series do you find yourself rewatching the most often?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Oh no! I still need to make room in my box for the Pokemon Go Community Day on Saturday! I also really want to do more work on my Animal Crossing house. I cleaned up the island a bit plus most of the house to prepare for the Mario crossover event, and I got one room down before real life stuff distracted me… for most of the week, sadly.

I don’t really watch a lot of TV on my own, let alone rewatch it. My brother used to rewatch The Simpsons a lot, so I’d do that with him, and I found Adventure Time could be useful for motivating students (I could write a whole paper on that), but nothing in my adult life comes to mind. If streaming counts, I’ve seen one or two episodes of The Mandalorian and One Punch-Man three times, but mostly because I was (e-)watching with someone else.

Ben Griggs (@braxwolf): Depending on my mood, I’ll either be jumping into World of Warships (if I’m feeling competitive) or Elite: Dangerous (if I’m feeling chill).

I don’t usually rewatch an entire series, but I like to revisit old 90’s shows like Frasier, Friends, or Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Been having fun in City of Heroes again, so I’ll probably be in there. And taking my kids again with me, though it’s a bit like herding cats hyper kittens on a sugar high. Somebody recommend me a toon I can use to PL my kittens.

Sometimes I’ll do a very intentional rewatch of a show I loved (usually when I’m sick and need something binge-y), or I’ll rewatch a season before the next season to refresh my memory, but I don’t like… put stuff on in the background as a regular thing. (My husband does, though, and he’s been rewatching Voyager… ug.) I think the last thing I rewatched at all was The Mandalorian.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): With my excitement all stirred up for Elite: Dangerous, I will likely do a fair bit more in there sometime this weekend. I also have found someone who wants to join up in City of Heroes, and I want to further grind out some of the higher nodes of my Dauntless character progression.

I haven’t actually watched TV, new or old, in literally months. Does rewatching YouTube videos count, though? Because that’s something I’ve totally done plenty of times.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Some Final Fantasy XIV for me, and then… eh, probably just some low-key relaxing stuff on the sides. Like silly puzzle games, that sounds nice.

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve rewatched good chunks of shows I found particularly appealing, but my highest rewatch counts probably go to Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I’ll be playing some Crowfall this weekend. I’m enjoying the new systems they’ve put in place for building classes. It definitely feels more streamlined than in previous builds of the game. I’ve also got a regular group I game with and we’ve had our eyes on Rogue Heroes on Steam. We thought about playing last weekend but the reviews for the online co-op were brutal. Supposedly they have a patch coming to clean that up though so hopefully we’ll get in there.

I’ll rewatch Friends or Futurama any day, any time, any where. They are both simply great classics.

Tyler Edwards (blog): I’m back in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla after a bit of a break.

Bonus question: I rewatch old episodes of The Simpsons or Futurama almost constantly. In terms of actual sit down, full series rewatches, probably Star Trek: Enterprise or Stargate: Universe.

Pierre, patron: After a very busy week at work and almost no time for gaming, I’ll try to play some games this weekend. My gaming program is the same (again!) as last week. Final Fantasy XIV for my share of MMO and Persona 5 for solo gaming. I saw two very enticing indie games launching this week, Loop Hero and The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante, and I’m really tempted to try to play at least one of them. The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante looks like one of these adventure books with gorgeous drawings and art style and exerts strong attraction on me.

Bonus question: The 100 is probably the TV show I’ve binge watched most often. In fact, every time a new season is to be broadcast, I go through and rewatch all the previous seasons beforehand to be ready for the new one. These days, I’m binge-watching 24 as it’s been available on Netflix for a few weeks now, at least in France. It’s a great show to watch when you want to empty your head and the acting is far from bad, much better than I remembered. For instance, in the last seasons, there’s great acting from Annie Wersching, the unforgettable Tess in The Last of Us. And you MOP readers, what are you playing and binge-watching this weekend?

Every Saturday, join the Massively OP community and staff for What Are You Playing, our roundup of what MMORPGs and other games we’re hoping to play this weekend (with a bonus question or two for our amusement). Tell us what you’re up to! Go off-topic! And don’t forget to have fun!

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Damon Anderson
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Damon Anderson

Still playing Monster Hunter World primarily, picked up Middle Earth: Shadow of War seems fun, also picked up Valhalla Hills it’s ok, nice to have variety. Not playing anything online as still no internet other than on my phone, we’ll see when that changes but no plans for that now.

Bonus question:
Star Trek in all it’s forms up to Voyager, I would really like to watch Picard though “There are four lights!!!”

Malcolm Swoboda
  • Genshin Impact – Welp, I’m missing out on 1.3 content! And okay with it. So far, I’m thinking I will still be around for 1.4, but it may be dependent on some things. But its okay I’m not getting 1.3’s battle pass… I need to teach myself its okay to lose out on nametag backgrounds ;).
  • Last Cloudia – A little advancement of main story, but not focusing on it. Started Dr. Stone collab event rerun but I’m real iffy on doing its manual grind for so long.
  • Cookie Run: Kingdom – Some map progress, and I finally spent all the stuff on gacha so that’s a power boost for a lot of characters. Patch also implemented guild features so I have to find a good one. The update also broke the game for my emulator, but thankfully performance has increased just enough that I can accept playing on my phone.
  • Princess Connect Re:Dive – Caught up on newest story map and working on hard maps. And more or less finished the story event! Monthly clan battle is on, and my clan/guild is more prepared this time for it, Discord and all. Got my first 4star advancement (units start at 1-3star but any can upgrade to 5star).
  • Distancing Hangouts – An Outriders demo session with a friend.
  • Logins: Another Eden, Tales of Crestoria, SAO:AR (whoops, quit, for reasons)

Yay, mobile games down to…6! Not sure I can reduce that to 4-5 soon, but that may be the goal. I want to have more obvious time to play smaller, non-live-service, non mobile/gacha games, while still not quitting my mainstays. SAO:AR was a good attempt, but really I can’t have the time for it, and I don’t even know the anime.

Didn’t do Ring Fit, but kept up some activity through long outside walks and jogs where I could (ice).

Partner seems done with Hades so I’ll stop mentioning it. He is progressing FFXII, has crossed the Western regions and is exploring the Tomb of Raithwall. He also completed the Project Triangle (that name..) demo and is interested in getting it, like with Octopath Traveler! We (he) finished Alan Wake: American Nightmare, and after some deliberation and seeing what games we could handle, together with our tastes and relationship, that can run on the tech we currently have, we decided to return to attempt the first Divinity: Original Sin next time.
He’s been inside for isolation measures the last week but that’s over with!

Took a while, but I finished the Outriders demo through Steam + GeForce NOW, and I’m one of the ones that is coming out with a positive impression. I view a lot of the design and story to be tongue in cheek, and I don’t know.. somehow its really resonating with me. Yes, I know its little issues, its generic quality, its earlier last gen (PS4) value, its ‘cringe’, whatever whatever, let me keep technomancering it up! I’m actually not really ‘finished’ – I’ll go through the available World Levels, get more and better blue and hopefully orange gear (purple might now be unavailable unless its still in some loot pools), perhaps try the other classes, THEN I’ll be truly done.

I’ll probably get it … in the next year or two. A big deal because I just don’t buy games anymore.

Malcolm Swoboda

Bonus: Used to be the Battlestar Galactica reboot. Now its Attack on Titan. The soundtrack, the reveal scene of S2 (fans know the one), the urge to decontextualize early scenes.

Kickstarter Donor

I’m still puttering along in FFXIV, having finally made it into the Shadowbringers content and completed the first two zones. The new story is pretty captivating but…let’s say it’s got me hooked, yet hasn’t reeled me in yet. Aside from doing a couple of quests once or twice a week, most of my time has been spent on beast tribe dailies, the weekly collectables and popping in to the Gold Saucer for mini cactpot.

I have at least fallen into a couple of games on my thousand-odd Steam backlist that are giving me that great experience of being glued to my chair for eight hours straight. First, Stellaris. I’ve poked at it once or twice before, but am really annoyed these days to encounter these deep strategy games that come with no player guide whatsoever. Still, this time I focused and pushed far enough into it that I started to get what was going on (or so I thought, on my first run I had no idea how to go about developing planetary colonies). A couple of long late nights creating sprawling interstellar civilizations was very satisfying, though.

This weekend’s game of choice is, of all things, Dungeon Siege. I think I bought it when it came out, but never played it; I have vague memories of putting an hour or two into the sequel, yet I’m sure all the new MMOs that I was playing at the time got priority. Well now, the first game is rough as all get-out, with those primitive 3D graphics, awkward mouse controls, and very basic storyline…however, the gameplay loop is solid, and there’s a Jeremy Soule score clearly composed in the Morrowind era that exerts some serious Guild Wars vibes. So that’s about 16 hours sunk into it so far, and I may go the distance so long as the levelling process and loot drops remain fresh.


282 hrs and the second fresh start server seed with my group and we’re still enjoying Valheim. It’s a polarizing game experience for many who bought it, played it a few hours and just don’t get what all the hoopla is about. There are so many layers to peel back on a game that initially feels genre standard. You either begin to figure out what makes it special or you shelf it. It’s doesn’t do anything new, it just does it better than other survival games in the genre. $20 for an indie game created by 5 people, under 1GB download, selling 5 million copies in under the first month. For me, it’s likely going to be GOTY.

Bryan Correll

under 1GB download


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I’m planning to run a few task forces on my level 50 Poison/Water Defender and hit level 50 on my new Fire/Trick Arrow Controller in City of Heroes while catching up on the last three episodes of the Comedy Bang Bang podcast.

Danny Smith

WoW classic sherpa for friends who started in pandaria continues. Near to level 40 and hitting Scarlet Monastery was super nostalgic and getting a blue BoE i sold for 52g with riding and mount costs fast approaching didn’t hurt. Its been fun to see the horde side for the quests i missed pre shattering and rogue still remains enjoyable as its own super flavourful thing instead of the weird live version that feels in this permanent design tug of war with post holy power ret pallys. I tried logging in to retail but honestly i barely made it five minutes after checking my follower table and looking at the map of the same world quests i did to death during the covenant campaign and just logged out thinking “i don’t want to do any of this”. Classic isn’t perfect but its experience is 60 levels of constant “okay i have to do some fishing to get that up *when i want* and then work on my lockpicking *when i want* and maybe i’ll got to these zones for this handful of quest but then go to these in this other zone *because i want to*”. What you are doing isn’t terribly different but the complete lack of the illusion of choice in the modern hyper streamlined “switch your brain off and graze piggy, eat that swill” school of design is just not fun for me.

I also tried the Outriders demo which was buggy, cringe in writing and voice acting, gears of war levels of dudebro gratuity i did not expect and some really sloppy combat and aiming on a controller. Wasn’t expecting much but it felt like a prom night dumpster baby of gears of war 1 and anthem. Hard Pass.

Then i picked up Bravely Default 2. The third, or fourth kind of, entry in a not-final fantasy series from Square i love and have been eager to play.

And i kind of hate it.

Its got terrible models that look like blank textures, assets that feel ripped from the unity store, lighting that looks amazing in the dark interiors where it can cast shadows and the characters are far away but out in the day in close ups shit looks like roblox with the contrast way up. To say nothing of terrible voice acting, a lazy story and the most unbalanced mechanics in general i’ve seen outside of anthems pre cataclysm damage value calculations. Magic is basically not worth using after chapter 3, jobs max at 12 and only get maybe 2 spells outside the usual stable of 3 tiers of black mage core spells for example and you either one shot enemies or do no damage regardless of weaknesses and enemies can use this counter ability to stop your ability, one shot you, heal, then get a bonus BP action to one shot another party member. Its just a hot mess that desperately and clearly needed more polishing time and as a huge fan of the series that sucks. This feels like the Unlimited Saga of the Bravely Games and for jrpg fans you know what a damning statement that is.

Bryan Correll

(My husband does, though, and he’s been rewatching Voyager… ug.)

It’s not that bad, unless his favorite character is Neelix. And at least it isn’t Enterprise.

Some weekend I’ll play something other than Path of Exile. But it won’t be this weekend.

Bonus: It’s probably a toss up between Futurama and Classic Doctor Who. The latter is especially good “comfort TV” for me. Or maybe I just really like the name Leela.


This week: Not much to say this week other than the pigtails are spinning endlessly in hamster wheel of Covid life. Though they spent one all-nighter watching OMD concerts on YouTude, so it’s not all bad. There’s a vision and it’s in my head, and it’s all the words you ever said. Don’t go…

Also this week: Moar ToghastCraft and maybe Hongmoon & Soul…

Further reading: Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)…


…where’s one’s sister is gone “slightly” deranged, but sorely kicks anyone’s ass who picks on her brother. But not quite that simple in explanation. And whatever Mr. Pipsam is going on about it below. It’s really a great read though! Don’t go… o.O

Bonus Answer: Sonic TALK podcast…not really TV per say, but I’ve been watching it every Wednesday for awhile now… O.o

Err…have a great week and weekend folks! Please stay safe! …don’t Go!

Hirku Two

This week I dumped SWTOR and I won’t be coming back. I thought I could push through years of unfixed bugs and UI spam to complete the class stories, but Bioware’s screwing up the character window was the last straw for me. Uninstalled and replaced with Mass Effect. I bought the trilogy and all the dlc for cheap years ago and now seems the perfect time to start that.

This morning I reinstalled The Secret World and all of my mods, recreated my character and after some fiddling got all the controls and settings just how I liked them. The world is empty of players, but who cares? It’s still my favorite MMO and if Funcom was going to shut down the server they would have done it by now. I’ll play like it’s a single-player RPG and have a blast. At least I don’t have to worry about the devs botching the game.

Also killed more stuff in Diablo III, created a religious pantheon in Civilization V based on silver deposits (which I have tons of), and of course lots and lots and lots of driving in American Truck Simulator.

Bonus: I don’t watch TV, but I remember binging the 24 Season 1 box set. Trying to watch that when it originally aired would have driven me insane from having to wait a week between episodes.

Have a nice weekend!

Turing fail
Turing fail

Playing for Nightwave points in Warframe, but mostly zoning out in Dawn of Man. Its almost-literal geological pacing is calming for me.

Bonus question: Better Off Ted. IMO, hilarious and underrated.