Torchlight III hoists the sails (and upgrades the engine) for its next update


Hope you got everything done with Torchlight III’s Snow & Steam contract because Echtra and PWE disabled that content in preparation for the next phase of the game.

“The update this afternoon turns off the Snow & Steam contract and includes an engine update which further prepares us for the next upcoming content patch,” the studio announced. “Additionally, there are some minor fixes that are also included in this update, but most of our upcoming bug fixes and performance updates will be included in the next large release.”

Echtra Games confirmed that the next content drop would be releasing to all platforms. The studio teased that patch back in February with various nautical-related pictures.

Earlier this month, Zynga bought out Torchlight III developer Echtra Games, though it appeared Torchlight III would remain with PWE and this update came from Echtra’s community manager. In the original announcement, Echtra said that it was also working on a new, untitled cross-platform RPG.


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Their core problem is that the gameplay is just not compelling enough to pull me away from any other ARPG.

It lacks the depth of PoE. It lacks the flexibility of D3. The endgame is pretty boring/simplistic. It also had a really rough launch in terms of sales so I don’t see it recovering ever to be honest.

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Boat…league? BOAT LEAGUE! IT’S FINALLY ARRIVED IN…wait this isn’t Path of Exile : |

I need to give this another spin again, but I’m glad to see the Zynga acquisition doesn’t seem to mean that they’re dropping support for the game. Maybe they’ll have a decent sale and I can get a friend or two to play with, because if this update is as good as the snow and steam one I imagine I’ll be putting a bit more time into the game again.