EVE Online’s upcoming March 23 patch adjusts Jump Clone installation, Burst Jammers, and wormholes


If we’re judging by the contents and the literal title of EVE Online’s next update, there’s some quality-of-life improvements coming to the internet spaceship sandbox on Tuesday, March 23rd.

This update will introduce the ability to install multiple Jump Clones in the same station or structure, as long as it has a Clone Bay facility; disable interdiction nullification when a Burst Jammer module is fitted; increase the mass allowed to jump through Class 1 through Class 6 wormholes; and rework the Target Spectrum Breaker module, reducing a ship’s signature radius for a short duration while still being locked to Battleships on release. The patch’s contents are currently up for testing on Singularity.

in other EVE news, the game is highlighting another new store item known as the Reign Supreme pack, which bundles 30 days of Omega status, Skill Books to learn how to pilot Marauders and Recon Ships, and skins for both types of ships for $35.

source: official site (1, 2)

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Turing fail
Turing fail

Lifting the jump clone limit is a good move IMO. The current implementation destroys a jump clone if there’s already one there, and the player is jumping to a clone at a different location.