Mortal Online 2 adds tutors, fixes mount murdering guards, and makes several Haven adjustments


One of my new favorite pastimes when looking through update notes for Mortal Online 2 is trying to pluck out some of the crazy-sounding edge case issues that have been fixed; it’s a lot like reading Sims 3 patch notes sometimes. This latest set of beta patch notes offers a fun gem in that regard, confirming an issue with guards murdering mounts when players tried to tame them has been fixed.

Obviously, that’s not the only thing in these patch notes, as the game has also added tutors to help players get started; made several tweaks to Haven to prevent players using pets to attack others in the area, looting innocent players’ loot in the zone, and a leaving statue for each city so that players can choose were to go when leaving Haven; and a variety of other smaller fixes. Now, players can tame mounts to their heart’s content without worrying about random slaughter-happy guards.

The game was having technical issues when we streamed it yesterday, but we did get to play toward the end there if you’re curious about the game!

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