Albion Online brings back the Rites of Spring Easter celebration


It’s time once again to mark the Easter holiday and spring season in Albion Online with the return of the Rites of Spring event. There will be eggs. There will be goodies. And there will be the Eggsecutioner. That’s right, the two-handed Eggsecutioner weapon skin, which “uses Heretic magic to fire three different types of magical eggs,” will be unlockable with eggs instead of gold for the two weeks of the event.

Incidentally, players can find eggs all around the game world that can be broken open for Surprise Eggs, which can then either be thrown to reveal their own sort of surprise or turned in to a Vanity Merchant to get the Eggsecutioner along with cosmetics, a furniture item, and energy-boosting Chocolate Bars. And if you happen to have Fool’s Golden Eggs from past events, those can still be cashed in as currency at the Vanity Merchant.

The Rites of Spring will run between now and Saturday, April 10th. So hop to it!


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