Phantasy Star Online 2 teases bosses, concept art, and character races for New Genesis

The eternal.

Most of the news about Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis has either come from the game’s official site or from the Rappy.commu Twitter account (which is in Japanese), but as of this past February leading up to now, the global PSO2 Twitter account has taken to localizing Rappy’s reveals and sharing them for everyone to see.

The reveals run the gamut from concept art to character race choices — which incidentally no longer have racial stats — to gameplay previews like three different elemental attacks and diving on to fools with your sword.

Most recently, the Twitter account has offered closer looks at some boss monsters in PSO2:NGS, specifically the tiny but fast Bujin and the Chiacurio and Waulon. For fans that are hungry for little glimpses at the MMO ahead of its release later this year, the Twitter account should be on your feed if it isn’t already.

source: Twitter
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