Shadow’s Kiss plans a Steam early access launch this summer, ends test builds due to lack of patcher support


Talk about rising from the dead: Shadow’s Kiss, the vampire-filled horror MMO that we last looked towards in a Whatever Happened To post in June 2020, has suddenly announced that it’s ready for an early access launch on Steam this summer.

“Originally, we had not wanted to go with Steam for some logistical and financial reasons, along with the fact that four years ago they didn’t publish games like Shadow’s Kiss. Steam is now a more diverse platform, and since we’re working on a polished release candidate, we believe it’s the right move for a lot of reasons.”

This means that all current players of the current test builds, Patreon supporters, and Kickstarter backers will either see their accounts moved over to Steam or otherwise receive Steam Keys for any entitlements they paid for. On the subject of test builds, the developers further announced that the team’s old patcher service is no longer supporting them, so there will no longer be new builds being published until the Steam launch in a few months’ time.

There’s still plenty of development work to be done, with the devs putting together a new city zone and two social areas, new skin and ethnic variations for the character creator, and further improvements to world building, combat, and performance. “There’s a lot of work still to be done […], and once we submit our candidate to Steam, they have a mandatory one month waiting period before it can become available on Early Access,” confirms the post.

source: Facebook. Thanks, DDOCentral!

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Jason Clearwater

I supported the Shadow’s Kiss Kickstarter ($15). I hope I get Steam access. :)

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

Same, still waiting on Bloodlines 2 as well.

Brinto Sfj

Keep waiting, as far as I can see, that ship won’t be sailing for 2-3 years more.