The Repopulation talks up item and crafting updates, adds new signs and buildings, and fixes mission bugs


The April update post for in-development sci-fi sandbox MMORPG The Repopulation is out, and it has a variety of things to discuss, leading off first with some mission bug fixing that’s been done in the latest release, which should see associated items contained in the mission inventory disappear once a mission is completed and fix some weapon visualization bugs.

Next up, the post talks about some art updates applied with the latest patch, with a total of 96 new signs created for the game and replacements for the Blue Hops Pub and the Inn in the FPR shopping district.

Finally (and perhaps more substantially), the post outlines several update plans to items and crafting. Items will see a unification of tiers and a few adjustments to tier quality, while crafting will see improvements to its learning curve, the ability for crafters to directly repair items as well as create and sell repair kits, and the addition of a deconstruction feature for certain items. Work on these updates is ongoing, with the devs first focusing on the new item system over the next three months.

MMO players will recall that The Repopulation was Kickstarted twice for around $230,000 and hit Steam early access in 2014, where it’s been ever since, excepting the year it was offline entirely thanks to the HeroEngine dispute that eventually saw Idea Fabrik take it over in 2017.

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Is anyone seriously considering playing this game, after the years of drama & delay surrounding it? It’s dead. Idea Fabrik choked it to death.

Rodney Perry

This is the game development version of Weekend at Bernie’s.


Important to know for anyone who reads this article and considers backing the game:

On Steam, last 30 days average 1.7 players online, peak of 5 players.

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Scott Leyes

Please, please, PLEASE create a new term for this kind of game – perhaps “P.I.D.” (Permanently In Development) or “N.G.H.” (NOT Gonna Happen)


Please just let this game die