Flyff and Rappelz, under new management, are running spring cryptocurrency events


When Gala Lab sent us PR about Rappelz and Flyff earlier today, I did a doubletake. In my brain, both games are still happily ensconced in the old Webzen ecosystem, and I was confused. But fortunately, our writers have been documenting the chain of custody all along, so we can easily recap here. Korean studio Gala Lab is actually the original developer of both games, and it ended its partnership with Webzen last year, with publishing rights for both Flyff and Rappelz reverting back to Gala. Gala then started running through the games through Way2Bit’s Bora Island, which is billed as a “digital content blockchain platform” – yes, cryptocurrency. That took a turn, didn’t it? And if it sounds familiar, it’s because that’s the same company now involved in publishing Astellia and Astellia Royal here in the west.

Anyhow, apparently both games are running events and giveaways this month, but the twist is that some of the rewards are coming in the form of actual crypto. I realize this is becoming more and more popular around the rougher, newer edges of our genre, but it’s pretty unusual to see it in older imports like this.

“In Flyff, players will be able to collect 5 2021 Easter egg items and exchange them for a special Old Bora Ring. By upgrading this Old Bora Ring, players will also be able to receive a new powerful PvP accessory. Once the event ends, players will be ranked based on the sum of the upgrade values from accessories will be ranked, giving them players the opportunity to obtain up to $1,500 worth of additional Bora Coins. For Rappelz, its taming event will see players receive a Pretty Bora Egg item every time they tame a creature (with overall taming chances increased during the event). After the event ends, and similarly to Flyff, players will be ranked by the number of Pretty Bora Eggs they have per region with the Top 10 rewarded with Bora Coins. For those who entered the event but didn’t make the top-spots, 10 people per region will receive $5.00 USD worth of the Bora Coins. Finally, April’s Easter events will see Flyff players collect Bora Eggs for the Login and Homecoming event, as well as Rainbow Race rewards. Bora Eggs will drop from rare monsters and from the exchange of quest items. Similarly, the Top 10 players per region who obtain the most Bora Eggs will receive Bora Coins according to their tier.”

So there you go – that’s what happened to these two ex-Webzen MMOs.


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Maybe I’m just old and stupid and stuck in my ways, but as soon as I see the words “cryptocurrency”, “blockchain”, or “mining” in reference to the extensive use of graphics cards (?!), a veil of mist and distrust descends over my eyes. And now we’re integrating these things into games? Get off my lawn, etc, etc.

Brinto Sfj

It’s really not a good thing for gamers as far as I can see. Because we literally have no way of not allowing these publishers to mine crypto through our system yet all we get in return is “a chance to win…”. This is what happens when a decentralized system becomes centralized.

Bruno Brito

Nothing involving crypto is a good thing.

Buchi Buci

Good God, those two are still alive?
I remember trying out Rappelz after leaving Scions of Fate, but I never really got into it for some reason.

Bruno Brito

Good. Flyff was always dogshit, and shall remain as such, thank god. Tradition must be mantained. This game must never achieve anything near the realm of “decent”.

Also, i welcome Lag-a Net back. It was not the same without the awful rubberbanding.