Titan Reach promises weekly content updates, details new armor, a PvP island, and Glimmermoore updates


With just under a month since its early access launch, the devs of Titan Reach have decided to take stock and offer some updates coming to the game going forward. The post opens by admitting that launch did not go perfectly smoothly and development focus has been primarily about bug fixing, but the team at Square Root Studios is “honored by how positive the reaction to the game seems to have been.”

The post then moves on to discuss some things coming to the MMO, including some new models for leather armor, a finished character creator, “a very basic PvP arena” in spite of the game’s combat not being in its final state, a re-balancing of XP and gold earning rates based on player feedback, and some additional touches to Glimmermoore such as additional decorative items and a farm area. The post further promises that content updates to Titan Reach will be arriving about once per week, either in the form of smaller patches or larger reworks and feature additions.

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Francis Baud

Love the art style of TitanReach, could be a world I would like to spend time in.


I agree. Cutesy art is timeless and gets me. The skill path looks like it could be fun as well. Once they get to the point where it’s a game, I’ll likely toss them some coin.