TitanReach plans its comeback after suddenly receiving full funding from a mysterious benefactor

Here we go with this nonsense again.

Apparently, some beneficent soul descended upon Square Root Studios’ TitanReach and saw fit to bring the game back up from the dead. After the devs announced in August that development was being suspended due to a lack of funding, studio co-founder Unravel announced on Discord yesterday that the game has suddenly been fully funded by someone “out of the kindness of his heart, no strings attached.”

As mentioned in the announcement, more details will be coming later in the week, but it would appear that development of the MMO will press on. In the meantime, reports of Unravel working on the recently announced MMORPG Bitcraft appear to be confirmed, as Unravel’s name on that game’s Discord lists him as a community manager.

If you’ve been following TitanReach’s development trajectory up to this point, you know that it’s been a wild ride. The game first arrived on the scene last year, opening a Kickstarter that didn’t fund, then announcing plans for an Indiegogo campaign that never appeared in lieu of its own cash shop that apparently staved off its first pending doom. Since then the studio has made some decisions including selling early access for $70 and trying to move the goalposts about a statement made about Square Root’s working conditions. After that, the game kicked off a limited-time free-to-play early access period that didn’t seem to turn the game’s fortunes around. Until yesterday, anyway.

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sources: Discord (1, 2), thanks to Jesse and Anon for the tip!
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