TitanReach shows off new outfits and environment models, opens its credit store, and begins name reservation


Let’s get a quick look back at Titan Reach, the self-proclaimed “old-school” “social” MMO that launched a Kickstarter that fell short, then elected to go for an Indiegogo campaign (that never surfaced), and then decided that it would open its own store while also threatening that, if the project didn’t get funds soon, it would be all over.

Since then, it would appear that it’s not over yet: The credit store went live as of January 11th, offering up pets, cosmetics, alpha access, and tokens to reserve a character name in advance (that also just recently went live). The announcement post pointed out that images of pets or cosmetics weren’t available at the time of the store’s opening; presumably those have been added between now and then.

On the subject of art, that’s some of what’s shown off in a recent development update, with looks at some new female hairstyles, a wide variety of clothing concept artworks, some visual updates to copper tools, and a look at several new map assets like ores, rocks, and fences. The post also points to work on controller support, some streamlining of the quest system to make objectives easier to follow, and a few words on audio updates including a footstep system that’s shown off in the embed below. Yay, noisy feet!


sources: official site (1, 2), Twitter
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