TitanReach shows off more animals, props, weapons, and koblin animations


The latest development blog out of TitanReach once more is all about showing off 3-D artwork, so at least players of the game’s early access know that more rocks and furniture pieces are in the works. That’s something.

More specifically, work on the cave area that was previewed earlier is continuing apace, with the area promising “a lot of game design concepts” that aren’t ready to be previewed yet but are at least locked in. Otherwise, most of the update is about showing off models for boulders, flowers, signs, weapons and some tabletop decorations. There’s also another round of animal models that look less like they’ve heard the whispers of a terrible truth and have moved up to looking pensive, as well as a couple of koblin attack animations. I think the animals are going to be all right, guys.



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