TitanReach shows off crafting stations and NPC creation, promises servers are ‘ready to launch’


The devs of Titan Reach sound like they’re inching closer to the game’s early access launch as the most recent development blog has a cornucopia of smaller updates, the arguably most important of which is related to server infrastructure. According to the post, the game’s servers “are now all setup ready to launch and update our servers quickly and easily.” There’s even a server status section of the game’s official Discord where the status of each server will be kept up to date; as of right now that looks to be developer only, but this information may be made available to fans soon.

The other updates touch on various items like new armor sets, steel tools, a number of crafting benches and related sound effects, and the creation of an NPC generation system meant to allow the devs to quickly and easily create NPCs. That tool is features in the embedded video at the end of this post.

Readers will recall that Titan Reach had accidentally engineered some controversy when a dev blog in February had noted that some of its staff were working unpaid “out of passion” and then quietly edited the post to read something entirely different. The team had later reached out to us with an explanation that the blog post misspoke and was edited for accuracy, noting, “The wording was supposed to say, anyone working above 40 hours were not paid for those extra hours, that is done out of passion. We have a strict budget to follow and members of the team know 40hr is the cap. Some choose to work more because they are enjoying it.” The representative also noted that, “Ever since we have been funded, everyone on the team has been paid. We don’t have volunteers.”


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