BitCraft is a new upcoming MMORPG promising a procedural sandbox environment for players

Oh, hey.

So, want a new sandbox to look forward to? BitCraft has shown up as a new procedurally generated wide-open sandbox for players to explore, with the focus apparently leaning far on exploration and social interaction rather than combat. Players will be able to craft their own towns, explore the aforementioned large world, level up a variety of different skills, and eventually work together and join towns and settlements with other players in a strategic bond. It all sounds quite expansive and ambitious, but sharp-eyed readers of the official site will note a lack of anything talking about battles or confrontation.

The team behind the game lacks any sort of big names, but Clockwork Labs is quick to point out that the team is funded by venture capital rather than any other means, including investments from Hilmar Petursson (of CCP Games fame), David Helgason (Unity founder), Ian Livingston (co-founder of Games Workshop and Eidos), and Ed Fries (former Microsoft gaming VP). That’s in addition to a number of venture capital firms investing in the company. We covered this particular round of funding a while back, although at the time the project had not been named. So it seems safe to assume there will be no crowdfunding associated with the title; if that’s the reassurance you were looking for, you can check out the official site and sign up for testing, or watch the trailer just below.

Source: Official Site via IGN
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