Neople opens a teaser site for its new game Dungeon and Fighter: Overkill


In a story from the tail end of last year (and in coverage from a year before that), we cast our eyes on Neople’s Project BBQ, which was elaborated as a “parallel universe” MMO from the Dungeon Fighter Online IP featuring 3-D graphics, movement, and combat. Now, we have an official name for the game thanks to a press blast from Neople: Dungeon and Fighter: Overkill.

The announcement of the game’s name also comes with the launch of a Korean teaser site, while the press release promises that DnF: Overkill will be “a PC-based 3-D side-scrolling action RPG Virtual World” that’s built on Unreal Engine 4, meaning this new DFO game is going back to the series’ side-scrolling roots instead of the three-dimensional movement style that was previewed last year. The presser also states that release details and regional availability will be announced at a later date.

The site itself, meanwhile, talks up the visual enhancement of the game and also directs to a hiring section of the site, as well as shares various images, animated gifs, and a quick hype trailer for the title. The trailer and gifs have been cut together into a single video by Meta Trailers, which we’ve embedded for your viewing pleasure.

sources: press release, official site, YouTube
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