Fallout 76 launches its Locked & Loaded update

Loack? Lode?

Today, Fallout 76 is ready to lock things and load other things, or possibly load something and then lock it when it’s been loaded? That second one makes more sense. Look, the point is that the Locked & Loaded update is live today, bringing a new season of reward progression for players along with double the daily ops for players to take part in. That’s worth loading and/or locking for, right?

Well, maybe you’d rather load some new places to live and lock furnishings into place instead. If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to know that the game has now added an additional C.A.M.P. slot for players to make a secondary base aside from their main home, along with vending machines and display cases being improved. There’s also a new reset option for player S.P.E.C.I.A.L. resets to change Perks and save loadouts, to boot. That’s some unlocking and reloading, then. See? Locks and loads have layers to them.


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Some nice QoL features but not really any content which is of much interest.

I stopped in last week, killed a few Queens, visited a few camps, logged off.

Today’s update won’t change that except for the new season content, but that’s really just a retread as well.