Bless Unleashed adjusts Timed Dungeons and removes master enhancement in latest update


The way players interact with dungeons in Bless Unleashed on console is changing with the arrival of the Secrets and Scions update, which sees the weekly Timed Dungeon queue receive several existing encounters to the rotation while dungeons will be made available at certain times of the day instead of during certain days of the week.

According to a separate dev blog post, this adjustment is meant to alleviate lengthy queue times for players wanting to run certain dungeons while also promising that there will still be plenty of encounters available in the traditional dungeon queue, especially for new players. That said, some of those dungeons are being converted to Timed Dungeons and will be unavailable temporarily.

As for the rest of the update, the other major portion involves the master enhancement NPC, which has been removed in the interest of easing an imbalance in the Star Seed marketplace and replaced with a more buffed form of common enhancement. There’s also been a change in how skill effects that increase damage and defense are applied, some changes to a number of quests, and a few tweaks to the game’s classes. The patch notes provide all of the necessary details.

source: official site (1, 2)

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