WRUP: How to peel an apple edition

This might have.

Step 1: Have an apple.

Step 2: Have a desire to peel that apple.

Step 3: Have a sharp knife.

Step 4: Find a bird. Find a bird. A bird. A bird. A bird. A bird. a bird a bird a bird a bird a bird a

Step 5: Attempt to insert the blade of the knife approximating 1 cm beneath the skin of the apple.

Step 6: Sing your apple-peeling song. The correct list of songs is as follows: Meat Loaf’s “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That),” Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance (Only Know The Refrain Remix),” and any song by Bon Jovi.

Step 7: Why are you peeling this apple anyhow? Apples are stupid.

Step 8: Throw the apple in the sink.

Step 9: Now you’ve ruined your apple pie.

Step 10: What Are You Playing

Bonus question: What’s your earliest childhood memory (that you feel like sharing)?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Oh man, what a time to be a Pokemon fan! I’m gonna be playing the heck out of New Pokemon Snap, and then take a break for Pokemon Go‘s New Pokemon Snap event. I’ll probably try to work in a hunter or two in Monster Hunter Rise, and check out the May Day event in Animal Crossing.

The earliest memory I have that I’m willing to share was raiding an Easter cake with my little brother. I must have been nearly four and he was three, and early in the morning, I had him help me up to the counter so I could get at the cake. I remember taking a jelly bean for me, then getting him one, then getting some frosting for me, and getting some for him. We were eventually caught red handed, and mom has a photo of it somewhere, but I don’t think we were punished. That was probably a mistake, mom, and an early warning sign of my sugar addiction!

Ben Griggs (@braxwolf): I just started playing ranked battles in World of Warships, so I’m going to see how that progression plays out. I’ve also got a hankering for some Cities: Skylines for some reason, so I may give that a go.

My earliest memory is bawling while my mother bandaged up my foot after stepping on a hot ember that popped out of a campfire. I was probably two years old. It must have been the pain that caused that one to stick with me.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): A mix for me. I’m doing more prepwork in Star Wars Galaxies Legends, mostly collecting things for my future diner and mapping out how I’m going to retool my buildings. And I’ve been playing City of Heroes again too – nothing special, just leveling newer toons and enjoying it!

I remember my mom teaching me to swim!

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): It’s primarily going to be all about Elite: Dangerous once again, but I’m also hoping that I can find some friends to play with in Monster Hunter Rise, since my husband seems to have been gassed out on the game and I can only progress with donig Hub Quests that are meant for multiplayer. I also recently got an urge to hop in to Genshin Impact again and I’m reminded of how enjoyable traipsing about that world can be, so that will possibly be sprinkled in.

Some of my better earlier memories were about gaming and tech, funnily enough. The very first game I ever touched was Night Driver on the Atari 2600 (complete with that steering knob controller) and the first PC I ever touched at depth was this VTech Pre-Computer 1000; I spent a great many hours as a young nerdling writing very simple text games in BASIC on that thing.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Mostly a bit of the usual Final Fantasy XIV nonsense and a bit of leveling alts in World of Warcraft. It’ll be a low-key weekend, but that’s just fine by me after a pretty lousy week.

My earliest memory is a recurring nightmare about a lion in the hallway in the first house I remember living in. It was hiding in the hallway behind a hidden door that would slide open and it would try to eat me. I’ve never forgotten that one.

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): I will be pecking away at the No Man’s Sky Community Expedition. It fulfills my need to set goals and then actually accomplish them.

Bonus: My earliest memory is when my mom took me to visit some distant relatives. I looked up their stairs and there was a stained glass window at the landing. I thought it was magical, so I climbed the stairs all the way to the top, where they opened into a sitting room where there was an elderly lady in a chair. She was friendly and gave me candy. My mother, on the other hand, was somewhat less pleased to see me when she found me up there.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): With Super Adventure Box in Guild Wars 2 over, I’m fumbling around for something to play. Crowfall has me curious with the Hungerdome and for some reason I downloaded Elsword. Outside of MMOs I’ve been playing Narita Boy, a heavily 80s inspired side scrolling adventure. I don’t love the game play, but the animations are astounding.

Bonus: First that comes to mind is getting to school as a kindergartner and walking up to my best friend. He had his hand out with a quarter (or maybe a snack) in it and asked, “Want it?” Just as I reached to take it, he pulled his hand away and uttered,  “Can’t touch this!” I didn’t know the song at the time so I didn’t understand fully, but for some reason it’s a memory that’s stuck with me.

Tyler Edwards (blog): About what you’d expect. D&D, Magic: Legends, The Outer Worlds. I made a black/red explosive zombie spam deck in ML, and it’s hilarious. I’m also getting fairly close to unlocking the Necromancer class, which will likely help with said zombie build.

Bonus question: I think my earliest memory is trying my father’s fried potatoes for the first time. My mother was eating a plate of them, and I asked to try one. I ended up liking them so much that they ended up being about half my dinners for the next eight years or so.

Pierre, patron: I hope my WRUP will be captivating as I have at least two short stories to tell you. First, I’ve been playing a lot of The Elder Scrolls Online these days. I have to tell you what happened the other day; it will explain why I really enjoy my time in Tamriel and the phasing system in this game. There’s a lot of quests in this MMO, some of them are more tasks then quests, but most of them are longer and very well written, and can be really moving, especially their endings as you’ll see.

I was helping defending a town with two critical locations to preserve, but those were attacked simultaneously. So I had to choose and could only help defend one of them, helping either a bunch of veteran soldiers led by two really brave dark elf (dunmer) officers or a group of recently trained civilians who hadn’t seen a battlefield before. Logically, I chose to help the villagers, as they seemed to need my help more. The fight was hard, but we won, and the game proposed me to move to another region after that, but instead, I decided to go to the second location to see how my dunmer friends managed to repel the enemy there. And when I arrived, everything was quiet, the battle had been won here too, but after searching for a while, I found the bodies of the two dunmer officers: apparently, they died defending fiercely this part of the town. I felt deeply moved by their sacrifice and somehow regretted my choice. What if I went to help them instead? And it’s because of this kind of attention to details that most of the other players probably didn’t even notice that I like TESO so much.

Bonus question: Another anecdote here. My first childhood memory is a strange, somehow scary one. I don’t remember how old I was, but I was old enough to walk by myself. I remember my room was dark, I was in my bed already and it was the beginning of the night. The day before, I had heard my parents discuss the matter of the danger of electricity. And as I probably already had a taste for experimental work at this time (I’m a research scientist now), I got out of my bed and went to the outlet where a night light was plugged and started touching it. I remember receiving an electrical shock – a small one, don’t worry, but unpleasant enough to learn that it was not a good option to play with electrical outlets. I never did such a thing again. I went back to bed and never mentioned this incident to my parents. Strange memory isn’t it? Dear MOP readers, I hope you enjoyed these little stories and will let us know some of yours in the comments.

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Malcolm Swoboda
  • Last Cloudia – Still continuing one story stage a day until the ‘final boss’. And anniversary content. A new story event started, involving a superpaladin character.
  • Cookie Run: Kingdom – Oh no, I’m getting tired of it! Might see how the next weeks go, but I can see myself quitting by end of summer, especially as I really really have to start culling.
  • Princess Connect Re:Dive – New story event is out so I cleared its stages, got its new unit, and I’m into the grind.
  • Another Eden – Steam account advanced the main story a tad but otherwise I keep doing the same dungeon in the hopes of getting the right upgrade ‘tome’ for a certain main character. I don’t need to, I just want to. Otherwise sidegrinding
  • Distancing Hangouts – Nothing :(
  • FFXV Pocket Edition – Completed a chapter, almost caught up to the last time I quit.
  • Tales of Crestoria – A cute event story, but they’re all cute.
  • Logins – Genshin Impact (will look into its events/housing soon)

Partner’s play of FFXII has him focused on side content, and doing quite well at it! He’s obviously not going to do everything – especially superbosses – but still a lot more than I thought he would. Still Ring Fit.

We tried the Stadia Resident Evil Village demo and it was nice but Stadia runs really poorly here.

Kickstarter Donor

OK, it’s become obvious that I’m thirsting for something new-but-familiar as I cycle through games faster and faster. I’m letting my FFXIV subscription lapse for a bit. I’m looking in on Project Gorgon daily, basically just to pick up the offline xp for hanging out and maybe venture out to collect an inventory full of loot. My return to Oblivion and discovery of Dungeon Siege have both fallen by the wayside. I’ve gone back into GW2 to try out the Revenant, but it’s all very familiar stuff and mostly a nostalgia hit. Last night I returned to my new character in WoW’s Warlords of Draenor and basically just rode across a couple of zones. I picked up Persona 4 Golden in Steam’s Golden Week sale, since I’ve thirsted for a new visual novel for some time now, but have only dipped in for a few minutes. I tried out Destiny 2 and Outward, and was bored within half an hour.

Since tax refunds were generous this year, I picked up two games that I’ve had my eye on for awhile, Grounded and Valheim. Put some modest time into both, but as with Conan Exiles and Ark, it’s hard for me to feel engaged without a narrative to drag me along. Eating and keeping sheltered and grinding endlessly…man, that’s just real life, y’know?

I hope to land somewhere, though honestly it may not happen until I’ve completed my move at the end of this month.

Harry Koala
Harry Koala

Having read the apple peeling guide, I have to ask: Eliot, sweetie, you feeling okay? Need to have a lie down in a dark room until the voices stop?

Turing fail
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Turing fail

Warframe is giving a free XP boost this weekend, so I’ll be maxing out ‘frames, weapons, and companions.

Bonus: Recall strangling my twin in the womb.

Damon Anderson
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Damon Anderson

I will be playing BDO this weekend, I really like it. I’m still learning, still lots I don’t understand or know how to do, but I think I have settled on Mistic for my main, and got to level 35 last night. I have a loose plan to figure out workers and nodes and get that thing going and start the hunting life skill. Really cool game, I like the depth and amount of options, but need to focus my time because there are so many options.

Bonus question:

Earliest memory is this picture of my Aunt and myself at Lake Ontario.


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Between work and taking care of the kids, the pets, the house, I haven’t had a lot of time to game these days. I dusted off my Wrath of the Lich King private server and have been merrily collecting totems for my Draenei shaman. Stay safe everyone.

Bonus question: I remember playing in my sandbox in the back yard when I was two. It’s my only memory of before my younger brother was born a year later.

Bruno Brito

Bruno doesn’t peel apples. Bruno is savage, eats apples with peel.

Bruno plays WoW twink pservers, server went 39. Bruno did the arts.

Ooga booga.

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Jack Pipsam

Sorry I haven’t been posting much recently, I’ve just been too busy & tired for everything, so I’ve barely
touched any games, although I’ve still been keeping up by reading the site & listening to the podcast
even if I haven’t commented. I’m also now working Sunday early shifts starting 4:30 in the morning so by
the time I get home I feel it’s too late to post here for the WRUP’s as they post during when I’m sleepy-sleeps (I’m using OneDrive at work to type this then from phone to post, don’t worry it’s all good I am
allowed to do all kinds of things here nowadays lol).

I’ve still got WoW Classic on my sub-list but I haven’t logged in that much, when I checked last, I was
surprised to find I was still in a guild, so that’s nice, although when I thought I’d go for a quick session I
left the tavern and was instantly killed by a Horde player, so I just logged out lol, I just wasn’t in the
mood for being chased around.
Eh, so yeah, nothing going on lol.

I did recently watch a remastered newly released blu-ray of a 1977 film
called The Last Wave directed by Peter Wier. I went into it blind, so it was quite a pleasant
surprise, it’s a film best watched blind in my opinion, but the general gist is that strange weather events
have been occurring and there’s a mysterious force at work seemingly behind it with the protagonist
having strange dreams.
Naturally being the film wedged between Picnic at Hanging Rock (which I live near actually haha) and
Gallipoli this film kind of slipped through the cracks and isn’t as well known, but that’s a shame because
The Last Wave I believe is a ton more interesting than Picnic at Hanging Rock, it does a better job of
being a bit spooky and really plays into a tense situation extremely well due to the unknown nature of
what the protagonist is going through. There are certainly elements which are say problematic in terms
of the use of Indignous culture although I am understanding that the director passed everything with an
elder (who’s in the film as an actor) first and took care to use real actors.
It starts to get weird from the second act and the third act is just nuts, but in a way which I deeply
appreciated, Peter Weir really was just on his A game and it’s a darn shame that his career kind of just
fizzled out, despite directing later some big American films like Truman Show.
Speaking of Americans, an American (Richard Chamberlain) plays the lead here unless you know the
actor you wouldn’t know it, he does a great job in the role and doesn’t at all feel out of place in 70s
I believe it’s part of the Criterion Collection streaming service as well in the USA if anyone is interested in
trying it, but I got a local released blu-ray from a new line remastering old local films so I’ll be going
through them.
There’s a lot going on in the film as it’s trying to say a lot of things and was extremely ahead of its time
in terms of messaging about climate change and cultural respect, it’s both weird but also deeply

A true hidden gem which I hope now with the internet can get a bit more love.

PS. Earliest memory I think is me just wandering around my old house when I was like a 1 y.o, I also remember taking the train with my mum which went through the subway, going to shops with her etc or once when I was little staring down a staircase at night to go down but being scared to do so. I also remember as a toddler I like wandered off at the pool and like deliberately jumped into the deep pool, but naturally I couldn’t swim so I was just casually vibing underwater until my terrified dad fished me out, I remember that quite well despite being like a 2/3 y.o, I also remember I wasn’t scared or bothered by it lol, I didn’t know what drowning was so I was blissfully ignorant to how I could have died, thankfully that was the first and last time I almost drowned, I became like a fish by the age of 6 and happily stuck off after school to swim in a lake alone at like ages 10/11 lol, I had a strong independent mindset as a tween XD.

Hirku Two

Yeah, I’m a Weir fan and wish he was more successful. It pains me to live in a world with dozens of Johnny Depp pirate movies and only one Master and Commander.

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Jack Pipsam

Yeah, I know he had a couple other projects he wanted to make but Hollywood studios weren’t interested in them anymore as they’re not franchise films and he apparently isn’t interested in anything they were offering him.

But what pains me is he still lives in Australia, he could make another local film again, he doesn’t need to go through the Hollywood system unless the thing he wants to make requires $30million+ funding or the such.
We still make war films like he did with Gallipoli, 2019’s Danger Close had a $24 million budget which is double than he spent on Gallipoli (counting inflation).
And I don’t for a second believe that he of all people would be unable to locally find the financing for a film on the scale of Picnic at Hanging Rock or The Last Wave. I mean we in the last couple years make films like The Nightingale*, I Am Mother, The Dry, Judy and Punch, Occupation: Rainfall, Relic, High Ground etc which all are either on or above the scale of production which he had on those films.

If he has simply gracefully retired then that’s cool and I wish him the best of his days as that is his every right, but I’d be mad if he’s waiting on Hollywood to make a movie when we have a whole local industry of production, distribution and financing in his backyard ready to go if he’d desire it.
But it’s been over a decade now since The Way Back, so I suspect he has retired and that’s fine, but it would be nice if he would consider if he was itching to make another local film and heck if nobody else at least a Netflix would buy it as an original and put it towards the local content quota lol.

* I adore The Nightingale and believe it might my personal pick of best local film of the prior decade, I seriously think Jennifer Kent is our currently best active director.

Turing fail
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Turing fail

Just watched Master and Commander again last night.


I took a week off to play the new Nemesis patch in Stellaris, but today it’s back to Valheim to kill some bosses with my vikings. We stream with MJ in one hour!

Bonus question: I was holding up three fingers in response to being asked how old I was by a store clerk. I got a balloon. We were in Woolworths department store.

Oh, and we did the new Conan thing last week, but I wasn’t all that impressed. We smashed their new PVE summons (Is mob AI getting dumber in these games or are devs no longer brave enough to try?).


Ahh, it’s been a while I commented here on WRUP. I felt it would be approppriate time to rekindle this tradition.
There isnt too much mmo right now in my life. The only multiplayer game I played this week is the Zombie Army 4, as it appeared on Game Pass. It was really boring, I expected more. But the other game I started playing is really really good. I did not expect to find Marvel’s Avengers that enjoyable. It is extremely satisfying to smash with Hulk :)

Earliest memory? It was a surgery at around 3, I remember a night spent in the hospital. It was not pleasant, that’s for sure.

I hope I will have enough time to enter a MMORPG again. But I know one thing. If WildStar would resurrect, I would throw out everything from my life and “nolife” that game…

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Jack Pipsam

Out of interest did you ever play any of the prior Zombie Army games?


No, it was the first for me. I think the gameplay was somewhat slow and repetitive for me.